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war of 1812

What was the Louisiana Purchase? France sold Louisiana for 15 million dollars. This deal increased the size, population, and agriculture and payed dept for France's war. It grew tensions with Native Americans
Who was Thomas Jefferson and why was he important in this part of our nation's history? He was the third president and was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase
Who were the pioneers? First people to settle and responsible for a lot of the chaos between Native Americans and Americans
What does impressment mean? Taking someone who is working for someone else and force them to work for you
Who were the War Hawks? Americans who were pro war and believed they could conquer Canada
What caused the War of 1812? British and French were upset that America kept trade with both side and wanted them to pick a side. Some say it was a senseless war.
Who was James Madison? He was responsible for telling Congress to go into war. He was President after Thomas Jefferson.
What was the Monroe Doctrine and why was it important? It made sure Europe couldn't make more colonies in the Americas. In return, America couldn't make any colonies in Europe. It was USA's way of opposing colonialism
Explain how the US obtained New Orleans and how the effect it had on the country. US bought Louisiana from France for 15 million. It grew America's size, population, and agriculture. French needed money for war. New Orleans is a big port which is good for trade.
Why would impressment have an effect on the economy? Economy was based on trade and no sailors means no trade. No more money went in or out which scared the citizens.
Why did the War Hawks want to go to war with Great Britain? They thought they Britain was helping Native Americans. Native Americans claimed land that America also claimed. This made Britain and Native Americans allies. War Hawks wanted to capture British Territories.
Explain the results of the War of 1812. Lasted to years with no gains on either side but America did gain the Louisiana Territory. This war united the colonies more.
Why did the United States issue the Monroe Doctrine? It stated that Europe can't colonize in America. America was scared about their power if Europe were to settle there.
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