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Revision on the Age of Exploration

When? 1400-1750
What was believed before the age of exploration? -Earth was flat and smaller -Sea monsters -Europe was at center
Why did people want new sea r -Wealth for country/explorer -To avoid Arab controlled routes -Religion -Inspired by Marco Polo
What made voyages possible? -Caravels(clinker-built,lateen sails) - Navigational instruments
New navigational instruments -Astrolabe(North Star), Quadrant(sun),Cross Staff(horizon) all found lattitude -Compass -Log and line (speed) -Lead and line(depth) -Portolan charts and newer maps
Life on board -Dangerous -Food was dry and salted -Scurvy -Hammock
Prince Henry -Sagres -mapmaking, shipbuilding and astronomy -West coast of Africa
Batholomew Diaz -Portuguese -Cape of Good Hope
Vasco da Gama -Portuguese -Reached India by sea -2 year voyage -Portugal got Indian trade route
Christopher Columbus -Genoa -Believed world was round -Wanted to sail west to China and Japan -Underestimated distance -Failed to get suppport from England and Portugal -Nina,Pinta and Santa Maria -2 logs -90 men
Ferdinand Magellan -Portuguese -Charles V of Spain supported him -Made governor of all new lands and 5% profits -Trinity,Conception,San Antonio,Santiago and Victoria -Aim was to avoid Portuguese route by sailing West -Straits of Magellan -Killed on Phillippine Islands
Hernando Cort├ęs -Conquistador -Aim was gold and silver -500 men
Francisco Pizzaro -Conquistador -Gold and Silver -170 men
What were the results of the age of Exploration? -Geographical knowledge -Cultures destroyed -Many died of European diseases -Many enslaved,tortured and murdered -Countries other than Italy became rich and powerful
Created by: lkelly15
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