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who was Confucius he taught that all individuals have duties and responsibilities
what makes up a civilization it has cities, a central government, workers who do specialized jobs and social classes
why was China called the Middle Kingdom at one time Chinese leaders had such pride that they named their country the Middle Kingdom. To them, it was the center of the universe
why did the Chinese believe that their civilization was the greatest in the world they invented paper, gunpowder, silk weaving, the magnetic compass, the printing press ,clock works, digging canals, building dams and bridges, setting up irrigation canals, found major discoveries in math and medicine.
why is china considered to be the world's oldest civilization it was ruled by an emperor ad had dynasties
what were among the first ideas passed along from china to Korea and japan? all three had emperors, clans, and dynasties
what religion later spread to Korea an Japan Buddhism
how did Commodore Perry's actions affect Japan it became more powerful, then it started World War 2
what was the role of the united states in the Korean war to aid south Korea
what happened in China in 1949 many Chinese farmers were bitter at losing their land. They gat mad and didn't want to change and stated to stop growing crops and the food production went down
what were the results of Chinese farmers having to live on communes? they didn't have their own private land, they had to work with everyone. They stop growing crops because they didn't ant to work with other people
how is daily life in Korea still influenced by traditions family is important, family lives in one house hold
what evidence supports the main idea that Japan is the most modern of the East Asian countries? has more modern technology, 80% of population live in urban areas
how does Japan's past still influence the present? they still wear Kimonos, or robes. they may sit on mats at a low table to have dinner.
where do most of the Han live? Eastern half of China
in what 2 major ways did the communists make changes in the Chinese way of life? 1- the government ended the od system of land ownership 2- then it created communes
why is China said to be an ethnically diverse country because it has so many ethnic groups
about what percentage of people in Japan live in urban areas 80%
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