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People and Events

Knights of Labor trade union founded by garment cutters in Philadelphia; met in secret; recruited unusual people
Terence V. Powderly leader of Knights of Labor
American Federation of Labor (AFL) group of national trade unions; represented skilled workers in large numbers of trades and crafts; pressed for collective bargaining; still alive today
Mary Harris "Mother" Jones spent 50 years fighting for workers' rights; active in drive to organize mine workers
International Ladies’ Garment Union pushed for a safer working environment after T.S. Factory fire
Haymarket Riot striking in favor of 8-hour workday; bomb caused riot; linked labor movement with violence and disorder
Homestead Strike striking workers at Carnegie's steel plant; hired nonunion workers guarded by 300 guards; state militia restored order
Robert E. Pattison Pennsylvania's governor in 1892
American Railway Union refused to handle trains including Pullman cars
Richard Olney U.S. Attorney General; obtained injunction against union for holding up railways
Eugene V. Debs American Railway Union leader refusing to end their strike; sent to jail for it
Grover Cleveland U.S president; sent in federal troops to end Pullman strike
Pullman Strike when American Railway Union refused to handle trains that included Pullman cars after Pullman railway-car plant went on strike after getting cut wages
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