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Unit 9 Review

Texas History

How was agriculture assisted in Texas? Tractors were invented
Why was the Texas equal suffrage movement created? To make sure that all males could vote
What did Galveston do after the storm and why? They had to rebuild the city, making Houston the "go to" spot in Texas
What did Howard Hughes do in Texas? He invented a new drill bit
What parts of Texas had huge oil deposits? all of Texas, mostly the Central Plains, and in the Panhandle
What are the major forts in Texas after WW1? Travis, Mc Allister, Bowie, and Logan
What changes were made after the discovery of oil? The inner combustible engine was made
Why was LULAC created? To protect the rights of Spanish speaking Americans
What is the order of the major events in unit 9? Hurricane, Spindletop, WW1, Ban, woman's suffrage movement, Ban released
What do you know about Spindletop? It is the largest oil boom in Texas history releasing 100,000 barrels of oil in just 9 days
How did the government in Texas handle the growth of the oil industry? They took charge, and made cars faster in the United States
How did Texas change after the discovery of oil? Cars were being made, and cities were booming
Why was the populist movement formed in Texas? To give people the right to what they wanted
Who had support from groups in the populist movement? The Texans had groups supporting like James Hogg
How did WW1 change the life for women in Texas? The women were taking over when the men were gone into battle/ men realized that women could do the same things that they could
How did industrialization change the population in Texas? The population skyrockets (once again)
How did railroads continue to change Texas in the early 20th century? They were still used to transport goods and people that didn't have cars
Created by: alyssap2319
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