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Opposition to the New Deal/WWII

What NRA code did the Schechter brothers break? They sold a batch of diseased chickens that were not fit for humans to eat.
How did the Supreme court rule in the Sick Chickens' case? The Supreme Court declared that the NRA had no right to meddle in the NY poultry trade. The justices said it was a NY state government issue. The Schechter brothers were acquitted and the code was declared illegal.
How many cases came before the Supreme Court concerning the "Alphabet Agencies" of the New Deal? The Supreme Court tried sixteen (16) cases. In eleven (11) of these cases the justices declared they were unconstitutional.
What was the Judicial Reform Act? Saying that the court was falling behind in its work, this act gave FDR the right to appoint six extra judges. By doing this he could make sure the court would not interfere in his work by declaring his reforms were illegal.
Who was Huey Long? Governor of Louisiana, Huey Long (later Senator Long) felt that FDR was not doing enough to solve America's problems. Nickname - "Kingfish"
Describe the "Share Our Wealth" movement. Proposed by Huey Long - all fortunes over $3 million would be confiscated. The money would be used to give every American family - $4000 to $5000 to buy a home, a car and a radio.
Who was Father Charles Coughlin? Often called "The Radio Priest" because of his popular radio program - his aim was to provide work and fair wages for everyone.
Describe Dr. Frances Townsend. A retired doctor, Townsend saw the elderly in California struggling to survive. (10% of the population in California was age 65 or over). He proposed the federal government give $200 a month to everyone age 60 or older.
Who was Gerald Smith? Huey Long's successor. Townsend and Coughlin joined forces with Smith (all were critics of the New Deal saying it did not do enough to solve America's problems) to try and defeat FDR in the next election.
What was the purpose/goal of the Neutrality Acts of 1935 and 1937? To keep America out of war overseas
What were the restrictions of the Neutrality Acts? America must not trade with or give financial help to any country at war.
What was the Cash and Carry Plan designed to do? Designed to: Help Britain and France buy goods and weapons from America if they collected them in their own ships.
What was the outcome of the Cash and Carry Plan? Outcome: No help to France as Germany attacked and defeated France. Before long Britain ran short of money and could no longer buy the weapons they needed.
What was Lend-Lease designed to do? Designed to: Lend military equipment to Britain free of charge.
What was the public's response to Lend-Lease? There were big public demonstrations against the bill. Keep America out of the war between Britain and Germany.
This event on 12/7/1941 led the U.S. into World War II. Japanese dive bombers and torpedo bombers attacked the Americans at Pearl Harbor.
What happened the next day after the attack on Pearl Harbor? 12-8-1941: America declared war on Japan.
What happened on 12/11/1941, three days after the U.S. declared war on Japan? Japan’s allies, Italy and Germany declared war on America.
How many Americans served in World War II? 7,200,000
What amount of money was the American government spending a year on fighting in WWII? $100 billion/year
What is the significance of less than (<) 1,000,000 a year in 1945? Unemployment numbers dropped to under 1 million.
How many people were losing jobs per day in 1932? 12,000
How many people were homeless in 1932? Greater (>) than 1 million people
How many people were unemployed in 1932? 12,000,000
How many people stopped paying their mortgages in 1932? 250,000
Created by: Barbara Conway



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