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Fighting the Depress

Hundred Days, Ending Prohibition, Bank Holiday, NRA, AAA, TVA, CCC, & PWA

What was the"The Hundred Days?" The first hundred days of FDR's presidency where the American people saw more action being taken to end the Depression than they had seen during the whole of Hoover's presidency.
Did FDR have a set theory about how government should affect the economy? No - FDR wanted to find out what worked, and was willing to experiment.
How did the 21st Amendment impact the economy? With the sale of beer, wine and liquor legal again, Americans could profit from the alcohol industry and the government could tax its sale.
What was the significance of the "bank holiday?" It allowed for banks to close until new laws could be passed to assist the troubled banks. When the banks reopened, people put their money back in the banks.
What is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)? This new program protected Americans' investments in banks. If a bank failed, the government guaranteed up to $2500. The FDIC still exists today and guarantees up to $250,000.
What was the National Recovery Administration (NRA)? This agency was set up to break the cycle of overproduction. It established codes and rules for production. Minimum wages and fair hours were created. It also allowed for workers to join unions.
What does AAA represent? This agency, the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, was created to protect farmers and the problem of overproduction. In some cases, farmers were paid to not grow crops or raise animals.
What is the TVA? The Tennessee Valley Authority built a series of dams throughout the Tennessee Valley. It controlled flooding, created jobs and produced cheap electricity for some of the poorest people in the nation.
What was the CCC? The Civilian Conservation Corps created jobs. It hired young men (18 - 25 years of age) to plant trees and work on other environmental projects.
What was the PWA? The PWA (Public Works Administration) began major construction projects building highways and bridges.
Created by: Barbara Conway
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