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Maya, Aztec & Inca.

How did the Maya adapt to and change their environment? They cleared the forest to make room
Like Rome, Maya was as series of city-states, but it was it not considered an empire, why? No single ruler united them
Why was blood important to Maya religious beliefs? They believed gods needed it to prevent disasters
The building in which people could study the sky is an observatory
Why did the Maya priests watch the stars? Plan religious ceremonies
What did Maya use the 365-day calendar for Farming, planting and harvesting
What volcanic glasslike tool did Mayas use as a tool? Obsidian
When did the Maya classic age occur? 250AD-900
Besides the king in the Maya civilization, who else was considered upper class? Merchants, warriors and priests
Raised roads over water or wet ground is called a Causeway
Three factors in the rise of Aztecs were War, tribute and trade
What is a chinampas? a floating garden
What type of sacrifices did Aztec priests make? Human sacrifice
How did the Aztec get people to sacrifice? Warfare, prisoners of war
What were the Spanish conquerors called? Conquistadors
Moctezuma welcomed Hernan Cortes because he thought he was a god named Quetzalcoatl
Why did other Indians help Cortes? They resented the Aztec harsh rule
Which emperor got killed while he was being held prisoner by Cortes? Moctezuma
The Aztec city, Tenochtitlan, was built on what an island in what lake? Lake Texcoco
The Inca Empire was geographically located on what continent? South America
The official language of the Inca was? Quechua
What did the Inca do with the children of conquered leaders? Brought them to Cuzco to learn about Inca government then returned them as adults to teach the others.
Inca told each household what they were supposed to do to contribute to the Inca society. It was considered a labor tax which was called? Mita
The Inca government collected and stored the goods collected, what did they do with them? They distributed some and saved the leftovers for emergencies.
What royal retreat were the Inca upper class allowed to relax at? Machu Picchu
The Inca did not practice slavery, which made most Inca farmers. What kind of crops did they grow? Maize, peanuts and potatoes
Why did the Inca believe their gods never die? The thought they were related to the sun god
The Inca did not really use human sacrifice, so what did they sacrifice? Llamas, cloth or food
What type of skill was required to build Inca temples? Masonry, or stone work
The Inca kept records by knotting cords. What were they called? quipus
What two Inca brothers caused a civil war after the death of their father? Atahualpa and Hauscar
Which conquistador captured the Inca emperor? Francisco Pizzaro
How did Atahualpa arrange his freedom? Asked his people to fill a room with gold and silver
What happened to Atahualpa? Pizzaro killed him anyway to keep him from rallying another army.
What year did the Spanish finally conquer the Inca? 1537
What measurements run parallel north and south of the equator? Latitude
What measurements run from pole to pole east and west of the prime meridian? Longitude
What 2 hemispheres is 50 degrees east and 40 degrees north? Northern and Eastern
What 2 hemispheres is 40 degrees west and 40 degrees north? Northern and Western
What 2 hemispheres is 30 degrees east and 60 degrees South ? Southern and Eastern
What 2 hemispheres is 20 degrees west and 40 degrees south? Southern and Eastern
What intersects at 0 degree by 0 degree? Equator and Prime Meridian
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