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8 Hist Ch 13 BJU AR

"54* 40' or Fight" Polk's campaign slogan referring to the Oregon Territory border
"Remember the Alamo" battle cry that carried Sam Houston and his army to victory
Alamo San Antonio's abandoned mission; later converted into a fort
annexation the formal process of joining the Union
Battle of San Jacinto battle during the Texan War for Independence that lasted for 20 minutes;
Bear Flag Revolution raising of a flag with the grizzly bear over the town Square in Sonoma, California led by Fremont's men
Brigham Young leader of the Mormons after Joseph Smith's death; called for a move to the Great Salt Lake
California gold rush began with gold discovery in 1849 in California which attracted a rush of people from all over the country
California Trail most popular trail to California; branched off the Oregon Trail
Compromise of 1850 admitted California as a free state; gave Utah & New Mexico popular sovereignty; added Fugitive Slave Law; outlawed slave trade in DC
Doughfaces group of Northern Democrats that were willing to compromise on the problems of the 1850s
forty-niners people who went to California during the Gold Rush of 1849
Franklin Pierce president of the Doughfaces; Doughface Democrat; won the election of 1852
Gadsden Purchase purchased 5 years after the Mexican War that completed the territory of the lower forty-eight United States
James K. Polk Democrat dark horse; most associated with Manifest Destiny
James W. Marshall discovered gold at Sutter's Fort
Jedediah Smith located the South Pass; famous mountain man known to preach to Indians and travelers
Jim Bowie American leader killed while fighting at the Battle of the Alamo during the Texas War for Independence
John Charles Fremont "the Pathfinder"; wanted to become a hero by taking California
John Sutter owned a sawmill where gold was discovered; Swiss immigrant
Joseph Smith developed the system of Mormon beliefs; original leader of the Mormons
Lone Star Republic name given to Texas after it won independence from Mexico but had not yet joined the Union
Manifest Destiny belief that God had intended the US to have all the western lands to the shores of the Pacific
Marcus Whitman doctor who was a missionary in the West
methodist preachers first people to seek permanent homes in Oregon
Mexican Cession gave the US California, Nevada, Utah, parts of Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, & New Mexico in exchange for cancellation of debts
Mexican War the war between the United States and Mexico in which the United States acquired one half of the Mexican territory.
Millard Fillmore vice president of Zachary Taylor; Whig president after Zachary Taylor
mission religious establishments placed around California by Spanish Catholics
Mormon religious group that sought religious freedom; practiced polygamy; led by Joseph Smith
mountain men men that lived in the Rockies, trapped furs, and made trails
Oregon Territory Northwest claimed by Britain and the United States...boundary was agreed to be the 49th parallel
Oregon Trail most important route for settlers & missionaries going west
popular sovereignty people of a territory should determine if they want to be a slave state or a free state.
Sam Houston Commander of the Texas army at the battle of San Jacinto; later elected president of the Republic of Texas
Santa Anna Mexico's president during Mexican-American War; captured at the Battle of San Jacinto
Santa Fe Trail first American route west of the Missouri River; *trail mostly used by traders than settlers*
Stephen Austin American who settled in Texas, one of the leaders for Texan independence from Mexico
Stephen Douglas pushed the compromise of 1850; spitted Clay's measures into 5 separate bills
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty that ended the Mexican War
Wilmot Proviso clause proposed to ban slavery in any territory taken from Mexico
Winfield Scott "Old Fuss and Feathers"; commander of the Veracruz operation who took Mexico City
Zachary Taylor hero of Buena Vista during the Mexican War; known as "Old Rough and Ready"
Created by: Mrs_CC
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