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Social Studies Vocabulary

Abundant Having lots of something My class has an abundance of opinions
Acid Rain Polluted Precipitation The acid rain is threatening world environment
Ally People/Countries who join together for a common cause The United States was Britain's ally during World War II
Autocracy Government where the power lies with 1 ruler A dictatorship is one type of autocracy
Capital Goods Manmade items that are needed to run a business The majority of imports were capital goods
Centralize To make public The average church today is highly centralized
Colony A group of people who settle far from their homeland but are still citizens of their home country Brazil was a Portuguese colony
Contaminate To make impure or unclean People are suffering from the contamination of the water supply
Currency Item used for the exchange of goods and services Japanese currency is referred to as yen
Democracy Government where citizens have the power Spain has been a democracy since 1975
Dictator A ruler with total control of their country My mom is like a dictator because her rules are strict and her punishments are harsh
Distribute Give out Its nice to distribute food and blankets to the homeless
Diversity A range of different things with at least 1 thing in common The zoo contains a large diversity of animals
Domestic Within your country/home The horse is a domestic animal
Efficient Performing a task the best way possible with the least amount of waste and effort You should study in an efficient manner
Embargo A ban on trade Many allies are pushing to lift the embargo
Empire A group of lands under 1 supreme authority The United States was once part of the British Empire
Entreprenuer A person who takes risk and starts and runs a business The entrepreneur takes business risks in the hope of making a profit
Ethnic Group A group of people with a common and distinctive culture Many ethnic groups traditionally give money as a wedding gift
Fascism Political Belief in which total power is given to a dictator and individual freedoms are denied Fascism began to spring up in several European states after the struggles of World War I
Foreign Not from this country; unfamiliar Speaking foreign languages is not easy
GDP The total market value of goods and services produced by a country in a given year Australia has a very high GDP
Globalism Linking of Nations through trade, information and technology
Holocaust A act of mass destruction and loss of life
Human Capitial The skills, knowledge, and experience that people have brung to the work place
Imperialism Claim and Colonize other lands to build an empire
Intervene To come between people or groups that are not in agreement The teacher was injured when she tried to intervene in the fight between 2 students
Nationalize To go from private ownership to government The government is planning to nationalize the banking system
Outsource Paying to have some off your company's work done by someone Some companies outsource to cheaper locations to cut costs
Regulations Rules and laws All students are supposed to know the school regulations
Textiles Woven fibers Scotland is famous for its woollen textiles
Poverty Not having enough money to meet one’s needs
Population Density Number of people square of land
Parliamentary Democracy A government system where voters elect the legislature branch which then chooses the prime minister
Reform To make something better
Monarchy Type of government run by a queen or a king
Capital Resources Materials that guide in nature that can be used for economic government
Quota A limit on the number of imported goods
Scarce Not having much of something; limited amount
Republic Government in which citizens elect representatives
Separate A group within a country that wants to break away or make their on country
Smog A mixture of smoke and fog
Arable Land that is suitable for farmland
Specialization To make money for something your good at
Tariff A tax on imported goods
Urban Having to do with city on city life
Rural Having to do with country on country life
Inflation Price of goods and services goes up while the value of the dollars goes down
Income Money received especially on regular basis for work or through investments
Budget An investment of income and spending for a period of time; play
Savings Preventing waste of particular resource like money
Credit Obtaining goods and services before payments baced on trust that payment be made later
Venture Doing something that has an uncertain outcome Any business venture contains an element of risk
Created by: Seraphim25
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