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Unit 7

Luis Munoz Marin 1st elective governor of PR From PPD party Was governor for 4 terms ( a total of 12 years) Awarded Presidential medal of freedom PRican with greatest bond with president of US (kennedy) Economic Philosophy
Roberto Sánchez Vilella 2nd elective gov of PR Munoz Marin told the people to vote for him (ppd party) Created new party (Partido del Pueblo) which separated the PPD party and made the PNP win
Luis A. Ferré 3rd elective gov of PR (1st from PNP) Created “estadistas unidos”-> reorganized as Partido Nuevo Progresista This begins the shared government phase 1968-1972 Lowering voting age to 18 Created environmental quality board (1970)
Rafael Hernández Colón Youngest governor in history PPD party Was gov. @ worst time - Oil crisis 936 corporations
Ricardo Alegría Created Instituto de Cultura PR
Jaime Benítez Chancellor of UPR - dynamic, great administrator
Pablo Casals Famous cellist in PR who created el Festival Casals
Teodoro Moscoso An economist who achieved “a century of economic development in a decade” in PR Operation bootstrap In charge of Banco Gubernamental de Fomento
Teodoro Moscosos objectives? Improve the capacity of existing industries to compete especially in local market Analyze the possibility of creating new industries w/ the financing of the bank
Teodoro Moscosos objectives? Construction + establishment of state-funded + run factories that would use our raw materials - very controversial
John F. Kennedy President of USA in this period Strong bond with Luis Munoz Marin
Economic Philosophy Establish clear priorities between investment and social service Wants to promote private enterprises and increase production - create jobs Eliminate extreme poverty and social insecurity Decrease unemployment by 1960
Economic Philosophy pt. 2 Eliminate negative balance of trade Reduce dependency on federal expenditures
Positive changes of the Economic Philosophy? Increased labor force Reduced unemployment Per capita income was higher than many new world countries
Negative changes of the Economic Philosophy Contradiction of values of the consumerist society created by industrialization and the “good life”
PPD – Popular Democratic Party Most popular party in PR “Pan, Tierra, Libertad”, Symbol of a jibaro 1st party created in PR Formed ELA -> supposed to be eventually a stepping stone to independence
PNP – New Progressive Party Statehood as a goal “Estadidad, seguridad, progreso”, in a palm tree
PP – People’s Party Created by Roberto Sanchez Vilella Divided PPD party- made them lose
PAC – Christian Action Party Created by american bishops Wanted government to provide religious education in schools Against commonwealth, wanted statehood Asked catholics not to vote for Munoz “En contra de dios” PPD catholics complained to the Vatican
PER - Republican Statehood Party Same goal as PNP which eventually disappears
PIP – Independence Party Goal was independence for PR
Operation Commonwealth Creating ELA
Operation Bootstrap – Manos a la Obra
Created by: sofiaserrano
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