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ch 1-7 vocab TRBU

a hard plastic-like material that was used to stiffen collars in the early 1900s celluloid
a long lightweight overcoat, worn in the early days of automobiles to protect clothing from dust duster
the floor of a fireplace, usually extending into a room and paved with brick hearth
one's relatives; family; kinfolk kin
about to occur; impending imminent
a light shotgun for shooting birds and small animals fowling piece
a mudhole loblolly
sour, curdled milk clabber mil
slang term used by northerners when referring to southerners who seceded secesh
a silly, self-conscious, often shy and flirtatious smile simper
goods carried by a vessel or vehicle, especially by a commercial carrier; cargo freight
a hoop skirt crinolines
a drawstring handbag or purse reticules
a mush of ground pork and cornmeal that is set in a mold and then sliced and fried scrapple
a small compartment especially a box in a theater loge
heavy, usually plaid, woolen material mackinaw
something that soothes or heals; a balm salve
covered with gold or resembling gold gilt
amusingly odd droll
dishes crockery
a sheer, crisp cotton fabric with raised woven stripes or checks dimities
a large piece of material tied or wrapped around the head to form a kind of turban tignon
outhouse privy
a nearby, surrounding, or adjoining region vicinity
a light, usually small umbrella carried as protection from the sun parasol
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