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countries/capitals physical features/ other

What is the capital of Northern Territory? Darwin
What is the capital of Queensland? Brisbane
What is the capital of New South Wales? Sydney
What is the capital of Australian Capital Territory? Canberra
What is the capital of Victoria? Melbourne
What is the capital of Tasmania? Hobart
What is the capital of South australia? Adelaide
What is the capital of western Australia? Perth
What direction on a compass is Northern Australia located? North
What direction on a compass is Queensland located? Northeast
Where is New south wales/ ACT located? Under Queensland
Where is Victoria located? under new South Wales
Where is tasmania located? Under Victoria
What direction on a compass is South Australia located? The South
Where is Western Australia located? Next to South Australia
What are the three deserts from North to South? Great Sandy desert, Gibson desert, Great Victoria desert
What is the monolith in Australia? Ayers Rock/ uluroo
What is the sea in the Northeast? Coral sea
where are all the cities in Australia are located? Along the coast
What feature is located along the Northeast coast? The Great Barrier Reef
What ocean is located to the west of Australia? The Indian ocean
What is the river that flows In East Australia? Darling river
What is the river that flows in Southeastern Australia? Murray river
What is the southeastern feature of Australia That is next to a sea? Bass straight
What is the sea in the southeast? Tasman Sea
Australia is an _____ Island
What is the largest and most populated city in Australia? Sydney
What country is Australia similar to? (In terms of size) The United States
Why does Australia have some of the most unique animals? Because Australia's plate separated from Antarctica's millions of years ago, resulting in animals not found anywhere else.
85% of Australia's population lives on the ___ coast. East
What is Australia’s economy? Mixed
What type of government does Australia have? Parliamentary, with Queen Elizabeth as a constitutional monarchy
How easy is it to start a business in Australia compared to other countries? It is very easy to start a business compared to other countries. There is less government involvement.
What was the removal of aboriginal children from their families called? The stolen age
What factors allowed the British to claim aboriginal land, and how does this compare to the colonization of Latin America? The British had better weapons (like guns) than the aboriginals did, and if they didn’t die from the weapons they died from the foreign European diseases the bridging brought. The colonization of Latin America was a different time period, but still simi
What does exchange rate mean? How much a currency is worth compared to another country’s currency
What has contributed to Australia’s high GDP? Investment in healthcare, more entrepreneurs, higher literacy rate, higher human capital
What is the modern day relationship between Australia and Great Britain? Australia is independent, and a parliamentary government, but also uses Queen Elisabeth as their queen, like Great Britain .
Created by: Lemoncat
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