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6 Hist Ch 10 BJU HS

3 cities considered sacred by Muslims -Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina
1453 -The fall of the Byzantine empire
Apostles -Early leaders of the church
Arabian peninsula a peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf
Balkan peninsula A large peninsula in southern Europe bounded by the Black, Aegean, and Adriatic seas.
Barbarian A nomadic person who did not speak Greek or Latin and who did not adopt Roman culture
Barbarians -Easily invaded the Western Roman empire after the capitol was moved from Rome to Constantinople
Belsarius Defended the emperor in the hippodrome
Biblical truth -Each member if the trinity has an important role to play in providing salvation; -People can have assurance of eternity in heaven because Christ fully paid the price for sins by His death and resurrection
Black death A fatal disease spread by fleas
Constantinople -Protected by water and high cliffs on the three sides and high walls
Constantinople Capital of the Byzantine Empire
Contributions missionaries made to the Byzantine empire during the golden age -Standardized the language, laws, and political patterns of the people
Edict of Milan -Made Christianity legal
Heraclius -Reformed the army by firing the mercenary soldiers and training Byzantine peasants for the army
Hippodrome An open-air stadium for sporting and social events
Islam -The god of Islam is not triune God like the God of Christianity (3 in 1 ); Teaches that a person is not guaranteed an eternity in heaven by being a Muslim. -A Muslim's eternity depends on whether Allah will be merciful to him or not.
Jerusalem A city in the Holy Land, regarded as sacred by Christians, Muslims, and Jews.
Jihad A holy war fought for the cause of Islam
Justinian I The emperor who had the Roman laws simplified but left the empire financially ruined
Lasting contribution of the Byzantine empire -Scholars preserved Greek learning, philosophy and literature
Leo III -The emperor who ordered the destruction of religious icons
Leo III defeated Muslim attack on Constantinople -Plague, cold winter, and Greek fire
Mecca the holiest city of Islam; Muhammad's birthplace
Medina the second holiest city; where Muhammad lived after fleeing Mecca
Mercenary A foreign soldier paid by the government
Muhammad Had revelations and beliefs that developed into the religion of Islam
Muslim -A person who follows Islam
Nika revolt -Began because the people were tired of Justinian's heavy taxes to finance buildings and projects
Ottomans -The Turks who conquered all of the Byzantine empire
Pilgrimage A sacred journey
Purpose of the Crusades -To free Jerusalem from Islamic rule
Qu'ran -The revelations of Muhammad were compiled into this by His followers
religious Icons -Sacred Images that represent Christ, saints and other sacred objects
Sultan The ruler of the ottomans
What belief do Protestant Christians and the Eastern Orthodox agree on? -God is the trinity
Created by: Mrs_CC
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