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Interwar Years

Terms associated with the years between WWI and WWII

Credit An arrangement by which a purchaser borrows money from a bank or other lender and agrees to pay it back over time
Black Tuesday October 29, 1929, the day that the United States stock market crashed
Great Depression (1929–1930s) a severe worldwide depression that followed the collapse of the United States stock market; prices and wages fell, business activity slowed, and unemployment rose.
New Deal U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s plan of economic relief, recovery, and reforms for the country during the Great Depression
Fascism a totalitarian system of government that focuses on the good of the state rather than on the good of the individual citizens
Totalitarianism Form of government in which the person or party in charge has absolute control over all aspects of life
Nazi Party National Socialist Party; fascist political party of Adolf Hitler governed on totalitarian lines and advocating German racial superiority
Gulag A Soviet forced labor camp or prison, used especially for political dissidents
Anti-Semitism Hostility or prejudice towards Jews.
Nuremberg Laws Nazi laws that eliminated citizenship and many civil and property rights for Jews.
Kristallnacht (1938) "night of broken glass"; an event that occurred on the nights of November 9 and 10 in which Hitler’s Nazis encouraged Germans to riot against Jews; nearly 100 Jews died
Communism Economic and political system in which government owns the means of production and controls economic planning
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