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Greece Unit Test

Ch 8 sec 1&2 Ch 9 sec 2&4

Who was Socrates? Greek Philosopher-teaching style based on asking questions wanted people to question their own beliefs.
What is a polis? Greek word for city-state
What is a tyrant? Ancient Greek leader who held power through force.
Define citizens People who have the right to participate in government
Who was Hippocrates? Greek doctor; regarded as the father of medicine: tried to figure out what caused diseases
What is an acropolis? A high hill upon which a Greek fortress built.
Define democracy a type of government in which people rule themselves
Who is Euclid? Greek mathematician, one of the greatest in the field of geometry
What is an alliance? an agreement to work together
Describe the Peloponnesian War A war between Sparta and Athens in 431 BC. -Greek cities feared Athens would take control of all Greece.
What was the most important aspect of life in Spartan? Soliders
What caused the Peloponnesian War to begin? Greek cities feared Athens would control Greece.
What geographical term describes Greece? peninsula
What does democracy mean? rule of the people
What did most of the boys from poor families in Athens become? farmers who grew food for the weathy
Why did the Greeks become expert shipbuilders? traveling by land in Greece was difficult
What is an oligarchy? a government where only a few have power
Describe a representative democracy citizens elect officials to make the laws
Why are the many achievements of Greece important? Greece had made many influential contributions to western civilization.
Why was the RESULT of the Peloponnesian War? Sparta won and was left in control
What is the Parthenon? Temple in Athens to honor Athena
What did Greek philosophers believe was the most important thing in life? knowledge, wisdom, and truth
What surrounded most of the Greek temples? statues and art work (paintings)
Why did women in Sparta have certain freedoms? because men were always at war.
What city did democracy in Greece start in? Athens
Which society were helots (slaves) an important part of? Sparta
What form of democratic government do all citizens participate directly in? direct democracy
What did Athenians believe studying made people better citizens? the arts
The many achievements of ancient Greece were important because They strongly shaped Western civilization
Created by: ldillon
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