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Central America

Chapter I

Title: ... Features Physical
Know these Central American countries: Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama Central America is an ... isthmus
An ... is a strip of land with water on both sides that connects two larger bodies of land. isthmus
The isthmus is divided by the ... Panama Canal
The Caribbean Sea has many, many islands. ... , ..., and Hispaniola are the largest, and are part of the Greater Antilles. Cuba ... Jamaica
Most of the smaller islands were made by ... volcanoes
Pico Duarte, in the Dominican Republic, is the highest Caribbean ... mountains
Mexico’s Sierra Madre extends into Guatemala, El Salvador, and ... Honduras
The Cordillera Central mountain range is in ... Panama
There is tectonic plate movement which makes the area unstable and causes ... earthquakes
An earthquake can cause ... which can cover towns. mudslides
There are more than 80 active ... in Central America and the Caribbean. volcanoes
Title: ... and Life Climates
Most of Central America and the Caribbean is wet and warm because it is close to the ... Equator
The area can have intense rainstorms called .... hurricanes
The Central America Highlands have a wet and dry ... season
The dry season can lead to ... shortages. water
Most people live here and can grow a variety of ... crops
Tropical and subtropical ecosystems cover most of ... and ... Central America ... Caribbean
Tropical rainforests are in most of this area, with tropical ... where deforestation has occurred. grassland
Costa Rica has a rare ecosystem, the ... , which is higher and cooler than a lowland forests. cloud forest
The Caribbean islands are surrounded by underwater ecosystem know as a ... coral reef
Coral reefs become large underwater islands and are home to wide variety of tropical fish and marine life which is known as ... biodiversity
Title: Hurricane ... Havoc
Residents of Caribbean and coastal areas, like Honduras, have an average of eight ... a year. hurricanes
... can cause great damage and keep tourists away. Hurricanes
... has caused hurricanes to become stronger and more frequent. Global warming
Title: ... Use Land
In rural areas there are ... farm
Places that are too dry to grow crops raise ... cattle
Ranching employs few... people
In addition, ... is caused by the removal of soil by wind or water. ersion
... is the most important land use in this region. It is the fastest growing economy in Caribbean. Tourism
Title: Environments in ... Danger
Is ... the best use of land? tourism
Many tourists increase the population density. It can make life of ... people more difficult. native
... shortages are common in a busy tourist area like Jamaica or during the dry season in other locations. water
Large scale farming has ... consequences. environmental
The use of pesticides and chemicals can pollute the ... water
Water ... kills plants, animals, ecosystem of coral reefs and fish. pollution
Ranching, farming, and need for timber has led to ... deforestation
Without moisture the land becomes ... useless
A ... is an intense storm that forms over the tropical Atlantic Ocean. hurricane
... have powerful rain storms with strong winds. Hurricanes
There are no tropical rainforests but it does support ... ranching and employs few people. Cattle
A ... is made up of tiny organisms (like limestone). coral reef
On ... will sell cash crops, for example: sugar and coffee plantations
There are also ... problems with ranching. environmental
... is the business of providing food, places to stay and services to visitors. Tourism
Tourism pays local ... very workers
... is the clearing of large numbers of trees. Deforestation
No tree roots makes the soil ... and cannot absorb erode
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