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Define Reconstruction To rebuild (i.e. rebuild the South)
What was the 13th Amendment Prohibited slavery throughout the United States
What was the Freedmen's Bureau Established by Congress to help former slaves adjust to freedom
Who was Andrew Johnson Lincoln's successor after he as assasinated
What was Presidential Reconstruction? The belief that the President (Johnson) should decided terms of reconstruction
What did the Radical Republicans believe in? A small group of Republicans who believed the South should be punished and African Americans should be given equality
What were the "Black Codes"? Laws passed in the South to prevent freed slaves from voting, holding office, serving on juries etc...
What was Congressional Reconstruction? Belief that Congress should be in charge of reconstruction (the Radical Republicans)
What was the Civil Rights Act? Overturned the Black Codes by prohibiting discrimination based on race.
What was the 14th Amendment? Prevents states from denying African Americans or other minorities the rights and privileges of citizens and equal protection under the law.
What is Due Process? A citizen cannot be denied their life, liberty, or property without a process (usually the courts)
What does Equal Protection mean? All people are protected by the law equally as it is written in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
What was the 15th Amendment? Prohibited denying men the right to vote based on race
Define Impeachment? When congress attempts to remove the President from office
What was a Carpetbagger? Poor Northerners who moved South only carrying what they owned in a bag.
What was a Scalawag? Southern whites who supported reconstruction
Who was Hiram Rhodes Revels? A Protestant Minister, the first African American to sit in Congress (Senator from Mississippi)
What was the "New South"? New crop growing techniques and an expansion of different kinds of crops
What was Sharecropping? Arrangements with their former slaves. Renting land and paying with a large share of the crop.
What was Debt peonage? The freed slave could not leave if he had any debt owed to the land owner
What were Literacy Tests? Tests given to African Americans in an effort to prevent them from voting.
What were "Grandfather Clauses"? White voters who were "grandfathered" in if they had an ancestor who was allowed to vote. They didn't have to pay poll taxes or pass a literacy test.
What were Poll taxes? A tax assessed to African Americans to prevent them from voting.
What was the Solid South? White Southerners consistently voted for Democrats in their elections.
What were "Jim Crow" laws? Laws that established racial segregation
What is segregation? Dividing African American and White people into their own groups for education, restrooms, and opportunity.
What did the supreme court rule in Plessy vs. Ferguson? That separate but equal schools was constitutional
Created by: ishamna
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