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Theatre History 2


Tom TAYLOR England, PW, 70+ plays, "Our American Cousin", "The Ticket of Leave Man, Hawkshaw- character: detective
Dion BOUCICAULT England, Most popular PW in world, 143 plays, "London Assurance"- CoM, "The Octaroon", noted for: sentimentality, wit, sensationalism, local color
Thomas William ROBERTSON England, Actor, PW, SM- to Mme. Vestris; then Bancrofts, "Society", "Caste", - "Serious melodrama", precursors to realism
William Schwenck GILBERT England, PW, Mostly Comedy, "Pygmalion and Galatea", "Engaged"
GILBERT and SULLIVAN Characterized by: Light melodies, whimsical humor, satire; "Trial by Jury", "H.M.S. Pinafore"; first real operetta; 571 perfs! "The Pirates of Penzance", "The Mikado"
Charles KEAN England, Actor, Manager, Son of Edmund
Kean Contributions (List of 6) 1. Perfected pictorial realism 2. Brought back high-class clientele (Queen Victoria) 3. Rearranged the evening bill 4. Established long runs 5. Antiquarianism 6. Director as primary artist; no "stars"
The BANCROFTS (Marie and Squire) England, Actors, Managers, domestic realism, contemporary drama, rarely did classics
The BANCROFTS Contributions (List of 7) 1. Embraced the long run 2. Abandoned benefits; raised salaries 3. FIRST to tour w/ full sets 4. Dropped curtain raiser 5. Established matinee 6. Anchored acting US of proscenium arch 7. Established orchestra seats at best
Sir Henry IRVING England, Actor, Manager (Lyceum Theatre), FIRST actor to be Knighted, Melodrama, Famous Hamlet (200 nights), Shylock, Climax of pictorial realism
Dame Ellen TERRY England, Actor, Wife of Irving, mother of Gordon Craig, FIRST actress to be made Dame, Roles: Beatrice, Portia, Lady Mac
Ivan TURGENEV Russian, PW, "Psychological realism", A Month in the Country"
Alexander OSTROVSKY Russian, PW, FIRST professional Russian PW, "The Thunderstorm"- Realism, foreshadowing symbolism
Ludwig ANZENGRUBER Austria, PW, Realist, "The Double Suicide", Peasant dramas and folk plays
Eugene SCRIBE France, PW, 300+, "Adrienne Lecouvreur", Popularized "well-made play" formula, Directed own plays, "Directuer"
The "well-made play" A combination and perfection of dramatic devices
What makes a Well-made play (List of 6) 1. Careful exposition 2. Cause-to-effect arrangement of incidents 3. Build to a climax 4. Manipulation of withheld information 5. Reversals 6. Suspense
Alexander Dumas FILS France, PW, Realist, Book: "The Lady of the Camellias", wrote Thesis Plays about social problems
Victorien SARDOU France, PW, Realist, Heir to scribe, Pop PW, Pop Well-made play, "A Scrap of Paper"; farce, "La Tosca"; Melodrama, Sardoodledom- Term Shaw used to describe the mindlessness (shallowness) plays of this time period
Eugene LABICHE France, PW, Realist, Comic, Finest Farce writer 19th c, Pop PW, "The Italian Straw Hat"; Farce
Francois DELSARTE France, Theorist, Teacher, codified Diderot's theories, Formed "laws" of stage scientifically, 1st sig method of acting training, Physical, Mental, Spiritual
COQUELIN France, Actor, World renown, Moliere, OG Cyrano de Bergerac, Book: "The Art of the Actor"
Sarah BERNHARDT France, Actor, "The Divine Sarah", Grand acting style, Infamous, Dark stuff: pain, death, seductiveness, Dark eyes, slim fig, Golden voice, slept in coffin, salary in gold. Roles: Camille, Tosca, Phaedra, Dona Sol
Adelaide RISTORI Italy, Actor, most famous, Toured Paris- US 4 times, Classical roles; Medea
Tommaso SALVINI Italy, Actor, In Ristori's company, Fiery Tragedy, Roles: Macbeth, Lear, Othello, Terrified his leading ladies
Created by: Tori.smith