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Mrs.Black S.S India

Ancient India

What are the two main rivers in India? Ganges and Indus River
What are the details that help set up the Harappan civilizations towns and cities? Plumbing, Public baths, Wells, Large Graneries, Uniform Weights, Streets running along a pattern.
Who were the Aryan people? (4-5 kinda same question) A group of Nomadic people that conquered the Indus Valley.
Where did the Aryan people come from?
What types of things did the Aryan people do to change society/social classes? Raja, Kshatriya, Marharajas, Dharma.
How did the Aryan people change/influence the region in the Indus Valley? They created a social class based off of "varna" or color of skin.
Name the two empires that settled Ancient India. Mauryian and Gupta Empires.
Who were the founders of the empires? Chandragupta Maurya Chandra Gupta
What are some achievements of the Maurya Empire? Central Taxation and Coins.
What are some achievements of the Gupta Empire? University, Astronomy, Science, Math, Lit., Metalurgy.
What is the centralized currency and what is its advantage? Money same from place to place/trade.
Explain some of the topographical features of India. Decan Plateau, Ghats, Himalayas, Hindu-Kush
What are the two mountain ranges in India? Himalayas and Hindu-Kush
How did Ashoka influence religion in India? He encouraged Buddihism throughout the region.
What is "enlightenment"? Peaceful
What is "karma"? The effects that good and bad action have on actions have on a person's soul.
What is "reincarnation"? Process of rebirth
What are some differences and similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism? Non- Violent, Believe in reincarnation/Animal sacrifices: H, Vegatarian: B
What modern day country has the most Buddhist population? China
In modern India, what religion do the majority of Indians practice? Hinduisium
What is a "subcontinent"? A piece of land no big enough for its own contient
What is the Hindu people's symbol of good luck? What other time has it been used in history? Swasticka. It was use in the time of the Nazi party when Hitler cam to power.
What are "monsoons"? How does it affect the weather? Wet and dry air/Summer-Wet ~ Winter-Dry
What was one of the reasons the Maurya Empire fell? The last Mauryan Emperor was assassinated.
What is a "raja"? A Tribal Chieftain
Why did Ashoka convert to Buddhism? Because of the bloody battle of Kalinga
How did Hinduism influence Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi? Non-violent protest teachings
What was Gandhi trying to accomplish in India? A effect of societal change, equal right, followed by independence
Created by: megsleeks27
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