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Sr Green Belt Vocab

Holding Techniques Osaekomi Waza
Strangulation Techniques Shime Waza
Joint Locking Techniques Kansetsu Waza
Mutual Benefit & Welfare Jita Kyoei
Maximum Efficiency Seiroyku Zenyo
What is the ultimate goal of Judo as defined by Dr. Kano? The harmonious development and eventual perfection of the human character.
Decision Win! (referee’s award) Yusei gachi
Draw Match! (referee’s award) Hiki Wake
A full point by adding two waza ari scores Waza Ari Awasete Ippon
Techniques from a supine position Newaza
Choke Shime/Jime
The principal of gentleness or giving way Ju
Way of life Do
Gentle arts Jujitsu
Favorite technique Tokui waza
Way of the warrior Bushido
Martial arts Budo
Class of belt ranks in Judo below Black Belt Kyu
Step or degree in the Black Belt ranks Dan
Repetition attack practice without throwing, done with a partner Uchi Komi
Kneeling bow Zarei
Standing bow Ritsurei
Knee Hiza
Lock or Hold Gatame
Wheel Guruma
Side or lateral Yoko
Fifth class Gokyu/Gokkyu
Formal eight direction of off-balancing Happo No Kuzushi
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