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Theatre History 2


Old American Company Hallam Jr., John Henry, John St. Theatre, Establishes NYC w/ Theatre
Thomas Abthorpe COOPER American, Actor, Manager, Tragedian, Popularized "Kemble" style
Original Traveling Circuit Boston , New York, Philidalphia, Charelston SC/ Sharing companies, then salaries/ Cooke created demand for stars
Junius Brutus BOOTH American, Actor, Tragedian, Huge star, Plays in Mississippi Valley & California
Royall TYLER American, PW, "The Contrast"
William DUNLAP American, PW, Historian, Painter, Manager, "Father of American Drama", "Andre", 60 plays (13 Kotzebue)
John Howard PAYNE American, Actor, PW, Child star (Romeo/Hamlet)
Samuel DRAKE American, Actor, Manager, took troupe to St. Louis
William CHAPMAN American, Actor, Invented Showboats; "Floating Palaces"
Edwin FORREST American, Actor, FIRST to win lasting fame, "American style", Bare legs, roles: King Lear, Spartacus, Metamora, Macbeth, Othello, Richard III, Athletic and unsophisticated
Charlotte CUSHMAN American, Actress, FIRST to win lasting fame, Opera singer, famous in both American and England, Roles: Lady Mac, Queen Catherine, Romeo, and Hamlet, Leading tragic actress, "The Female Macready
4 Native Roles for Americans (List) 1. Native American; the "noble savage"- Metamora (FORREST) 2. Yankee; the American common man- (George HILL) 3. African-American; played by whites in blackface- Thomas RICE; "Minstrel show"; Jim Crow character 4. City Boy; the "bowery boy"- (CHANFRAU)
Anna Cora MOWATT American, PW, Actress, FIRST American Female PW, Roles: Juliet and Rosalind, "Fashion"
American Technical Innovations Gas lighting- Chestnut St. Theatre, Gas table- Gas-light control board, Limelight- follow spot
George Henry BOKER American, PW, Poet, "Francesca de Rimini", Finest Poetic tragedy of 19th c.
Edwin BOOTH American, Actor, most important in US, International Star- Australia, England, Germany, Son of Junius/Bro of John Wilkes, Roles: Othello, Iago, Richelieu, Hamlet (most famous for/ran for over 100 consecutive shows), Built Booth's Theatre
4 Innovations of the Booth's Theatre (List) 1. Flat floor 2. Elevator and fly system 3. No apron 4. Box sets
Augustin DALY American, Director, PW, Critic, "Under the Gaslight- melodrama, Daly's Theatre
Daly's 5 Directing Rules (List) 1. Absolute Control 2. Coached Actors 3. Staged Blocking and Business 4. Abandoned "lines of business" 5. Casting "Star Maker"
Steele McKAYE American, did everything, Delsarte system, America Academy of Dramatic Arts, "Hazel Kirke"- Pre-realism, Built Lyceum Theatre- first in America to use electricity, double elevator, Spectatorium (25 stage theatre), folding theatre chair
Bronson HOWARD American, PW, First professional, "Shenandoah", The Society of American Dramatists and Composers
William GILLETTE American, Actor, PW, "Secret Service", "Sherlock Holmes", "Illusion of the first time"
James A. HERNE American, Actor, PW, "Margaret Fleming" (most realistic in 19th century), realistic mode in America
The Black Crook Americas first book musical, by Charles M, Barras, 474 performances, emphasis on spectacle, music, dance and song
FIRST recorded theatrical Performance "The Bear and the Cub"; a Farce; 3 arrests
FIRST professional actor on colonial soil Anthony Aston (c.1682-1753)- British
FIRST play written in colonial America Androboros by Robert Hunter
FIRST professional theatre building built Williamsburg, VA
FIRST professional American play performed The Prince of Parthia by Thomas Godfrey (1736-1763)
FIRST professional company in America Lewis Hallam and wife's company in Williamsburg
Brings professional actors to Jamaica David Douglass
Created by: Tori.smith
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