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Punic Wars and Rome

Who fought in the Punic Wars Rome and Carthage
How did the Romans train their soldiers? By using wooden weapons
When did the Roman Republic turn into the Roman Empire? 31 BC, because Augustus Ceasar became the emperor
Did the romans use hype music before their battles? No
Who killed Julius Caesar and why did they do it? A number of men stabbed him 23 times as he entered the senate because they felt he was too powerful
What tactics did the romans use during battle? Roman infantry tactics was the idea that by keeping troops in order, one could fight more effectively
What happened when Hannibal brought an army with Elephants over the Alps and into Rome? He lost 72,000 soldiers and the Romans were caught off-guard
When were the Punic Wars 264 BC to 146 BC
What tactics did Carthage use Skirmish
Created by: A_Cat17