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SEM Midterm Question

A unique characteristic of the sports industry is that it seeks to attract markets that will perform which action? Include spectators and participants
Which is a characteristic of the sports or event industry? Provides products that are different for each consumer
One characteristic of event marketing involves promoting and selling which product or service? Unique experience
A characteristic of an event is that it is produced and consumed in which situation? At the same time
Over the years, Wrigley Field has earned a reputation as one of the best places to watch a Major League Baseball game. What does this branding exemplify? Image
Approximately 85% of season ticket holders for a sports organization live or work within two hours of the home playing field of the team. What factor motivates the decision to buy season tickets? The geographic location of the stadium
The ultimate purpose of branding in sports or event marketing is to achieve which action? Encourage sales
Which is a primary reason that many colleges and universities sell the naming rights for their new football stadiums or basketball arenas? Help pay for construction expenses
A sports or an event organization will use a team name, mascot, and logo as important elements to create and maintain which promotion effort? Brand awareness
When or how should a professional soccer league obtain information about its fans in order to learn about the needs and wants of a target market? In a proactive and systematic manner
Which is an example of a secondary source of data that a sports or an event marketer can obtain internally? Sales report
What information is usually contained in a database about competitors? Advertising media
A sports or an event marketer is having difficulty finding data about a competitor. The financial records of competitors are unavailable for public access. Which disadvantage of secondary research does this situation illustrate? It can be incomplete
What type of competitor information is important for sports or event organizations to maintain in a database? Price lists
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