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Physio Test 3

Tri 2

What could be reasonably said of nerve compression? Velocity of the nerve action potential is slowed
What causes release of Ca++ from the SR? Voltage sensitive protein pillars attached to the T tubules
What contains electrical synapses?` SMOOTH MUSCLE
During isometric contraction the skeletal fiber does what? stays the same length
What could produce an action potential in the post synaptic neuron? When the summation of the EPSPs exceeds the summation of the IPSPs
Which area of the sarcomere shortens during contraction? H zone
In skeletal muscle the passive tendon curve tends to rise at a steeper rate as the sarcomere length increases due to what? the increased tension in the series and parallel elastic units
What is a temporal summation? Two or more hypopolarizing signals arriving at very short intervals from the same presynaptic neuron
What does it mean ..the myosin light chains in skeletal muscle are continuously phosphoralated? Myosin heads are preactivated to bind actin
What does a chiro thrust lead to? Disruption of adhesions and Ca collegan cross bridging in connective tissue
What is true of skeletal muscle? SR has sufficient Ca for several thousand contractions
What is a motor unit? a single alpha motor neuron and all the skeletal fibers it innervates
Where would you find the neuromuscular junction? Center of fiber
What are the consequences of a vertebral motion segment stretched on its side to its opposite side? Nerve compression, lower # of collagen fibers, lower # of Ca crossbridges. You would not have a increased bloodflow
What are the consequences to a subluxated joint? joint immobilization, thicker connective tissue, more Ca crossbridging, spinal stiffness, skeletal muscle activated on one side and weak on the other, possible fusion.
How many Ca ions are moved for each ATP utilized by the Ca ATPase pump? 2
What would result from the binding of ATP the myosin head? release of the actin fiber
What will strettching a skeletal muscle fiber beyond its resting length result in? A decrease in tension development
What is the time period for a single adjustment correction? 6 weeks
What is the connective tissue response to a lack of strain? Decrease in number of collagen fibers and remoce Ca crossbridges
What is the eventual consequence of not removing a subluxation? bony ankalosis and loss of joint function
Which synapse is always inhibitory? Axoaxonic
What would result in the hyperpolarization of the post synaptic membrane? K+ leaving the cell
What is an isometric contraction? Tension development in muscle fiber without a change in overall length
How many myosin head binding sites does tropomyosin cover on the actin fiber? 7
At what phase during a skeletal muscle contraction does the load begin to lift? Isotonic contraction phase
How does a subluxation begin? Kinesiological
What are the receptors at the neuromuscular junction? Ligand gated NA channels
Created by: hwhite