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Chapter 6

Welcome to Kansas

Emancipation The act of being made free.
Sod House A home made from sod - clumps of grass, roots, and dirt.
Dugout A pit dug into the ground or on a hillside and used for shelter.
Barbed wire Twisted strands of fence wire with barbs spaced evenly throughout.
Irrigation To supply dry land with water through ditches, pipes, or streams.
Chain migration Migration caused by the feedback from people who have already immigrated.
Depression A period of low economic activity with rising levels of unemployment.
Famine A drastic, wide-reaching food shortage.
Tenant One who pays rent to use or occupy land, a building, or other property.
Most of the settlers who came to Kansas came from where? Other states (Illinois, Indian, Ohio)
What was the largest immigrant group in Kansas? German
Name 3 other immigrant groups who came to Kansas in large numbers. English, Irish, Swedish
What are push factors? Things that often push people away from a place, usually negative.
What are pull factors? Things that pull people into a specific place, usually positive.
What push factors brought many foreign immigrants to Kansas? War, famine, overcrowding, lack of job opportunities, religious persecution
What pull factors brought immigrants to Kansas? Available farm land, fertile soil, wide open spaces, religious freedom, job opportunities, freedom and equality
What factors caused many African Americans to leave the South following the Civil War? Unfair laws, discrimination, lack of job opportunities, low pay, violence
What land act passed by Congress had the greatest impact on the population of Kansas? The Homestead Act
What were the qualifications to claim land through the Homestead Act? Age 21 or older, a U.S. citizen or intend to become one, pay a $10 registration fee, live on and farm the land for 5 years, show improvements to the land.
What challenges did settlers face on the Great Plains? Severe weather, periods of drought, limited resources, insects, isolation.
Without many trees in Kansas, what building materials did settlers use for shelter? Sod
What did settlers on the Plains use for fuel? Buffalo chips, cow manure, hay stalks, corn cobs
What was the purpose of a windmill? To draw water from underground wells to the surface.
Who were the Exodusters? Former slaves from the South who saw Kansas as the Promised Land.
Why did many African Americans view Kansas as the promised land? Bleeding Kansas - the fight to make Kansas a free state. Efforts to gain rights for African Americans and women. The legacy of John Brown. A land of freedom and opportunity.
Name the largest All African American community in Northwest Kansas? Nicodemus
How did the invention of barbed wire help farmers? It was cheap, lasted a long time, and allowed farmers to keep their livestock contained.
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