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ITBS Vocabulary

delegate a person authorized to represent others
Esteemed respect and admire
slight to disrespect someone or ignore them
neglect to not care for
Rectify right or correct
Exhaustivively tiredly
forge to make something that is fake
barbed hurtful
remark to say something as a coment
negligible so small or unimportant
poise graceful and elegent
transient lasting for a short time
augment to make greater in size.
lexicon dictionary
gregarious sociable
pilfer to steal
prodigy a young person with extreme talent
gibe to make mocking comments
taunt to make fun of
fauna wild animals
flora plants
restitution to restore something
compensation something given in return
mania a metal disorder
sagacity to have keen judgement
predominant being the chief or the best
idiosyncrasies a temper, habit, or structure
reiterate to say again
haughty veeeeeeeeeery proud
quadrupeds an animal with four feet
robust strong, healthy, and full of energy
averse strongly opposed
staggered to walk or stand in an unsteady way
hover to stay hanging in the air
shirk to escape or avoid doing
diminish to make smaller
pique to incite hostile treatment
ostracized to exclude
query a question
abbreviated to shorten
persevere to continue steadfast
steadfast able to be trusted
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