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Unit 4 Review

Which Territory did Thomas Jefferson authorize congress to purchase from the French? The Louisiana Territory
What event officially started the War of 1812? James Madison declared war on the British
Which Native American Groups was defeated at Horseshoe Bend? Cherokee
What is Impressment? Who practiced this action regularly? Forcing foreign sailors into a country's military service; Britian
Who were the War Hawks? Congressional members who supported the war against Britain.
Which battle took place after the War of 1812 had official ended? Battle of New Orleans
What was the Embargo Act? Stated American ships could not trade with other countries
Were the Alien and Sedition Acts constitutional? No
Who issued the Proclamation of Neutrality? What did it state? George Washington;The US should not get involved in other countries issues
What was the XYZ affairs? Three unknown French officials tried to bribe the US in exchange the would stop attacking US ships
What did the US get from the Adams-Onis Treaty? Florida
Which Act allowed deportation if a person was "dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States"? The Alien Acts
Which Act allowed punishment if editors wrote negative stories about the President or Congress? The Sedition Acts
What is Francis Scott Key best known for? Writing the poem "The Star-Spangled Banner"
What Treaty officially ended the War of 1812? The Treaty of Ghent
Which nation invaded DC and set fire to the White House and Capitol? Britain
What were the two main outcomes of the war of 1812? Nationalism; Respect from other nations towards the US
What were the main reasons the US declared war on Great Britain in 1812? Impressment;Americans wanted British Territory;Fights with American Indians who sided with Great Britain
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