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ch. 7

Henry Ford an entrpreneur and inventor who developed the Model T car
Model T Produced from 1908 - 1927. all in one color, black
assembly line a conveyor belt that is used to make things in a shorter amount of time
Detroit, MI Ford's first assembly line factory to produce Model T cars. Wouls become the center of the US auto industry
mass production making of a large number of goods that are exactly alike. One of most popular was the radio
mas media public forms of communication to reach large audiences like radio, television, newspapers
Prohibition complete ban on the scale of alcoholic drinks. Led to blue laws
bootleggers criminals who took over the alcohol business during prohibition. Often led to violence
speakeasies illegal clubs and places where people drank alcohol
jazz most popular form of music in the 1920's. influenced by African American music traditions. Began in New Orelands, LA.
Harlem Renaissance a time of great achievement in art and learning by African - American artists based in Harlem, NY
Langston Hughes wrote poems, books, and plays about the lives of African - Americans in the 1920,s calling for an end to prejudice and unfair treatment
Charles Lindbergh first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean on May 20, 1927 in his plane, The Spirit of St. Louis
Amelia Earhart first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone. First person to fly across the Pacific Ocean from Hawaii to California alone
Georgia O,Keefe famous artist of nature scenes
Herbert Hoover president of the U.S when the Great Depression began
unemployment being out of work
stock market a place where stocks are bought and sold
Great Depression the worst economic hardship in American history.
credit borrowed money
Franklin D. Roodevelt
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