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Unit 5

The Gilded Age

Gilded Age Era following the Civil War & Reconstruction
R.O.S.E. industries Railroad
Thomas Edison Inventor of the light bulb
Monopoly Complete control over an industry
Trust The boards that ran companies
John Rockefeller Head of Standard Oil Company
Standard Oil produced 90%
Andrew Carnegie Scottish immigrant who became a giant in the steel industry
Carnegie Steel produced more than all steel companies in Great Britan
Cornelius Vanderbilt Dominated railroad industry
Horizontal integration Process in which companies producing similar products merge
Vertical integration Process in which a company buys out its supplier
"Gospel of Wealth" The idea that God made some men wealthy to take care of the rest
urbanization The growth of cities
Ellis Island Inspection station for immigrants arriving on the East Coast
"New Immigrants" Eastern European immigrants that came to the U.S.
Nativism Overt favoritism toward native-born Americans
Tenements Multifamily urban dwellings
Chinese Exclusion Act Act that limited Chinese immigration
political machines A group that controlled a political party
Boss Tweed Head of New York City's powerful Democratic political machine
Tammany Hall New York's political machine
Credit Mobilier Scandal involved bribes by railroad companies to gain lands grants
Knights of Labor First labor union
Samuel Gompers Union Leader
American Federation of Labor Founded by Samuel Gompers
Homestead Strike Violence erupted at Carnegie's steel plant, Federal troops were called to re-open the factory with replacement workers
Haymarket Strike unionists demanded an 8-hr day
When violence broke out public opinion turned against unions
Pullman Strike Railroad workers led a national strike when the Pullman Palace Company cut wages by 50%...President Cleveland sent the army to end the strike, Strikers in 27 states resisted & dozens died
Homestead Act Act that offered free land to western settlers
Open Range The open land that cowboys drove cattle over to railroads
Transcontinental Railroad a railroad that crosses the entire country
Assimilation Policy Name of a plan to make Native Americans part of white culture
Sitting Bull Leader of Hunkpapa Siuox
Little Big Horn Site of Custer's Last Stand
George Custer Colonel in U.S. Calvary
Wounded Knee U.S. massacre of Sioux in South Dakota
Populism Political movement that sought advancement for farmers and laborers
Bimetalism ("Free Silver") backing money with silver and gold
William Jennings Bryan Populist/Democratic presidential nominee
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