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2nd Grade Innovations Review

Community A place where people live, work, and play.
Population The number of people living in a community.
Innovation Something new or different.
Invention Creation of something new.
Communication A way of sending information to people.
Transportation A way of moving people and things from one place to another.
The invention of cars caused a change in... ...transportation
Today, Sam rode the bus to school. How would Sam most likely have traveled to school in the 1800s? Walking
Different kinds of transportation such as the car, train and airplane changed communities because... ...people were able to move around.
What has led to the most changes in our communities over time? New inventions
How people live today is... ...different from how people lived long ago.
How have televisions changed people's lives? People see events and other people from around the world.
Angie's father is currently deployed overseas. She is able to video chat with him almost every evening. In the 1800s how would fathers have communicated with their families back home? Writing letters
Communities are _____ than they were in the past. larger
What has led New York City to change over time? New inventions
The invention of _____ helped to change the way people traveled roads
Examples of past transportation Walking, Horses, Covered Wagons, Trains
Examples of past communication Writing Letters, Quill and Ink
Describe the past population Less people, scattered around the world
Describe the present population More people, live closer together
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