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8th Grade Test 3

9 wks Exam

Who published "Poor Richard's Almanac? Benjamin Franklin
What act of Parliament levied a tax on all legal documents in the colonies Stamp Act
Who led the Green Mountain Boys to capture Fort Ticonderoga Ethan Allen
What did the Olive Branch Petition attempt to do? reconcile the colonies with the king
What measures barred colonial settlement in all lands west of the Appalachian Mountains Proclamation of 1763
What was the purpose of the checks and balances system to control the power the power of each of the three branches of government
Which American patriot became a traitor and helped the British in the War for Independence Benedict Arnold
what four wards did President Washington use to end his oath of office "So help me God"
Which was the first permanent European settlement in the United States? St. Augustine
Who said, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" Nathan Hale
What was the first institution of higher learning in America Harvard college
Which was the first permanent English settlement in North America Jamestown
Which explorer discovered Florida Ponce de Leon
What city in colonial America served as the meeting place for the First and Second Continental Congresses Philadelphia
Who nailed the Ninety-five Thesis on the church door at Wittenburg, Germany, sparking the Protestant Reformation Martin Luther
Who served as Vice President under George Washington John Adams
Who helped Paul Revere spread the word of the British advancement Dr. Samuel Prescott
What is the name given to the President's advisers Cabinet
Which great patriot declared, "Give me Liberty, or give death"? Patrick Henry
What did the Boston Port Bill do? closed the port of Boston to commerce
Who became the first Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton
Who laid out the original plans for Washington, D.C. Pierre L'Enfant
Who was the "Father of American Conservatism" John Adams
Who was the candidate for the Democratic-Republican party in the election of 1796 Thomas Jefferson
Who was the "Father of the Constitution" James Madison
Who was the best-known missionary to the Indians David Brainerd
Who was the great American intellect and theologian Jonathan Edwards
Who wrote "History of Plymouth Plantation" William Bradford
Who was famous for his "singing schools" William Billings
Our country was founded as a DEMOCRACY false, federal republic
Americans involved in the Boston Tea Party disguised themselves as BRITISH SOLDIERS false, Indians
The soldiers hired by King George to fight against the colonists were called HESSIANS true
Alexander Hamilton is a good example of those belonging to the DEMOCRATIC-REPUBLICAN party false, Federalist
The Great Awakening is the name of the great revival that swept across 18th-century AMERICA true
The Protestant Reformation began in 1492 false, 1517
The author of "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" was JONATHAN EDWARDS true
JOHN ADAMS was the first Secretary of state false, Thomas Jefferson
Frenchman Marquis de Lafayette helped Washington in the FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR false, War of Independence
the "shot heard 'round the world" Lexington and Concord
the turning point in America's War for Independence Saratoga
winter camp of the Continental army (1777-1778) Valley Forge
the first major battle of the War for Independence Bunker Hill
patriot victory which ended the War for Independence Yorktown
What nickname was given Francis Marion because of his clever guerrilla warfare " Swamp Fox"
Name the famous pamphlet by Thomas Paine that gave a detailed account of English liberties and abuses of the monarchy and Parliament Common Sense
When was the Declaration of Independence adopted by the Continental Congress July 4, 1776
What peace treaty officially ended the American War for Independence Treaty of Paris
Who selected the location for the nation's new capital, Washington, D.C. President Washington
What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called Bill of Rights
What famous naval hero shouted, "I have not yet begun to fight" John Paul Jones
What was the name of the most widely read textbook in colonial America New England Primer
What were some of the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation - At least 9 states had to approve a measure before it could be passed by Congress, and all 13 states had to approve a bill to amend the Articles -The central government had no executive or judicial branches to provide strong leadership and just court
Name the 3 branches of government set up by the Constitution and briefly describe the function of each branch 1. Legislative- makes laws 2. Executive- enforces the laws 3. Judicial- interprets the laws
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