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Chapter 6 Review

Transportation a way to move goods and people from one place to another
Canal Boat a form of transportation that used mules or oxen to pull it
Steamboat had a large paddle wheel and is powered by a steam engine
Canal inland water ways built for transportation
Turnpike a highway on which travelers had to pay a fee or toll
Lancaster and Philadelphia Turnpike first major road in the United States built out of crush stone
Industry all the businesses that make one kind of goods
Bituminous Coal soft coal
Anthracite Coal hard coal
Coke gray black solid fuel made from bituminous coal used to make iron
Textile cloth making industry, yarn/thread machines increased production
Edwin Drake found first oil well in Pennsylvania in Titusville
Samuel Kier discovered a way to change oil so it could be burned in lamps to light homes
Boomtowns towns that grew up quickly
Population the number of people who live in a place or area
Cash Crop a crop grown to be sold rather than used on the farm where it is grown
Crop Rotation a method of farming in which a different crop is planted in the same soil each year
Reaper a person or machine that cuts and gathers grain
Cyrus McCormick invented the mechanical reaper
Robert & Joseph Smith invented the iron plow
Columbia an important town in the wheat trade
Wheat an important crop in Pennsylvania
Constitution our country's plan of government
Delegates a person chosen to represent the group
Eliza Powell not a delegate but held parties for the delegates
Philadelphia in 1790 our country's capital was moved here
Washington DC in 1800 our country's capital was moved here
Robert Morris PA delegate to the Constitutional Convention
Gouverneur Morris thought to have written the Constitution
Ben Franklin PA delegate to the Constitutional Convention
George Washington Virginia delegate of the Constitutional Convention
James Madison took notes at the Constitutional Convention
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