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Unit 8 History

Where did the cattle trails start, and end? They started in Texas, and ended in Kansas
What happens to the population in Texas in the 1800's? It skyrockets
Before barbed-wire fencing, how did ranchers keep in their cattle? Natural fencing (ex. Ditches)
What was a consequence of using barb-wire fences in the 1870's and 1880's? It resulted in nature decreases, and range wars
Name the major challenges that cowboys faced during cattle drives- Range wars with the natives in the area, and owners of the land
What characterized Texas society from 1860-1900? Cattle
How was life changed for the native Americans after the Civil Wars They were put on reservations
Name the group of African American soldiers that kept peace with the Indians? Buffalo Soilders
Why were many Texans getting involved in the cattle industry in the Frontier? Money
What did govenor James Hogg do to protect Texans from unfair practices? Formed the TRC
What was the main cause of the range wars? Ranchers bringing their cattle on other peoples land
Where was most of the cotton grown inTexas? The coastal plains region
How did the climate of West Texas affect the economic development? It helped farmers better grow their cotton
What was a major cause of West Texas development in the late 19th century? Cattle ranching
How did windmills affect the cattle industry in Texas? They pumped water
What was the the relationship between a population and a railroad track in the late 19th century? Where there is a railroad stop, there was a city full of people
Who was the last Comanche chief? Kwannah Parker
Created by: alyssa.platt
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