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Microbiology All

S. Aureus Gram pos cocci clusters, toxic shock syndrome toxin 1, penicillin resistance due to beta-lactamase production
Coag neg Staph common skin flora
S. epidermidis gram pos cocci clusters, novobiocin S, common skin flora
S. saprophyticus UTIs, coag neg, novobiocin R
S. pyogenes gram pos cocci chains, Group A, respiratory, bacitracin S, beta hemolytic, M protein
S. agalactiae gram pos cocci chains, Group B, small bet hemolysis, bacitracin R, CAMP test pos
S. pneumoniae gram pos cocci chains, normal upper respiratory flora, can cause lobar pneumonia, otitis media, and meningitis, inhibited by optochin
Listeria monocytogenes aerobic gram pos bacilli, meningitis, CAMP test pos, cata pos, non-spore forming
Corynebacterium aerobic gram pos bacilli, chinese letters, non-spore forming
B. anthracis aerobic gram pos bacilli, spore forming, wool-soters disease, medusa head colonies
Bacillus spp. aerobic gram pos bacilli, spore forming, boxcar morphology, cata pos
B. cereus aerobic gram pos bacilli, spore forming, food poisoning, lab contaminant, motile, penicillin R
Neisseria oxidase pos, 5-10% CO2 at 37C, aerobic gram neg
N. gonorrhoeae aerobic gram neg dipplococci, no growth on SBA, genital cultures, cata/oxi/glu pos, TM selective
N. meningitidis aerobic gram neg dipplococci, cata/oxi/glu/malt pos, sputum, blood, naso
Moraxella catarrhalis aerobic gram neg rods, resp, cata/oxi/DNase/nitrate pos
MAC selective for lactose fermentation, differential for gram neg
EMB lac ferm are dark, non lac ferm are colorless, E coli has green sheen
HE selective for lactose and sucrose fermenters, sal are geen with black center, shigella are green
XLD lactose and sucrose fermenters are yellow, sal are red with black centers, shigella are clear
Bismuth sulfite S. typhi is black
Brilliant green Proteus and sal are red/pink, shigella and most lactose ferm will not grow
E. coli gram neg rod, lactose ferm, A/AG, mol/ind/orn/lys/MR pos
Shigella gram neg rod, K/A, MR pos
Klebsiella pneumoniae gram neg rod, mucoid, lactose ferm, A/AG, cit/lys/VP/urea pos
Enterobacter gram neg rod, lactose ferm, A/AG, mol/orn/cit/VP pos
Serratia gram neg rod, lactose ferm, K/A, mol/orn/cit/lys/VP pos
Salmonella gram neg rod, K/AH2S, mol/orn/cit/lys/MR pos
P. mirabilis gram neg rod, swarms, K/AH2S, PD/mol/orn/cit/MR/urea pos
P. Vulgaris gram neg rod, non-swarming, A/AH2S, PD/mol/ind/MR/urea pos
Morganella gram neg rod, K/A, PD/mol/ind/orn/MR/urea pos
H. influenzae gram neg rod, X and V factor pos
H. aegyptius gram neg rod, pink eye, conjunctivitis, X and V factor neg
H. ducreyi gram neg rod, gential ulcers, X pos and V factor neg
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa gram neg bacilli, nonfermenter, cystic fibrosis, oxi/mol pos, metallic sheen on SBA, beta hemolytic, grape odor
B. mallei gram neg bacilli, nonfermenter, glanders, horses/mules/donkeys
Acinetobacter gram neg bacilli, nonfermenter, tend to be multidrug resistant, cata pos
Francisella gram neg bacilli, tularemia, carried by wild animals, deer/rabits/beavers/squirrels
Brucella gram neg bacilli, undulant fever, blood and bone marrow, strict aerobe, oxi/cata pos
Bordetella pertussis gram neg bacilli, beta hemolytic, only member of species that wont grow on MAC and is urease pos
Acinobacillus gram neg bacilli, normal flora of animals, animal bites, cata/glu pos
Legionella pneumophila gram neg rod, legionellosis, pontiac fever
Gardnerella gram pos bacilli, clue cells, BV
Bartonella gram neg bacilli, trench fever, human lice, cat-scratch disease
V. cholerae gram neg curved bacilli, rice water stool, raw shellfish, food poisoning in Asia, ind/oxi pos
V. vulnificus gram neg rod, undercooked seafood, raw oysters, ind/oxi pos
C. jejuni gram neg curved rods, microaerophilic, 42C, darting motility
H. pylori gram neg rods, peptic and duodenal ulcers, oxi/cata pos
Mycobacteria cause TB, acid fast bacilli, lower respiratory, sputum and brpnchial washings, blood and marrow, tissue
Obligate cannot use oxygen, oxygen is lethal
Aerotolerant cannot use oxygen but can grow in it
Faculative will use oxygen if present but can grow without it
Microaerophile oxygen conc of 5-10%
Capnophile increased conc of CO2
B. fragilis gram neg bacilli, normal colon flora, surgery, trauma, disease, growth on 20% bile, cata/bile esculin pos, rifampin S
C. perfringens gram pos bacilli, spore forming, gas gangrene, food poisoning, puncture wound, ingestion, normal GI and vag flora, reverse CAMP test pos
C. tetani gram pos bacilli, spore forming, tetanus, lock jaw, soil or wounds, drumstick
C. botulism gram pos bacilli, spore forming, botulism, canned foods, lipa/glu/mol pos
C. difficile gram pos bacilli, spore forming, normal GI flora is some ppl, colitis and diarrhea, enterotoxin A and/or B
C. trachomatis leading cause of blindness
R. rickettsii rocky mountain spotted fever, ticks
R. typhi endemic or murine typhus, fleas
Coxiella burnetii Q fever, inhalation, contact with fomites, contaminated milk
Mycoplasma pneumoniae no cell wall, fried egg, walking pneumonia, direct resp contact
Mycoplasma hominis no cell wall, fried egg, linked to PID, sexually active adults
Borrelia burgdorferi lyme disease, ixodes tick, western blot
Leptospira weil's disease, zoonosis of rodents, dogs, cattle, contact with contaminated animal urine, darkfield microscopy, fletchers media
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