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Transcrip Translate

What types of RNA polymerases are there in eukaryotes? 3 - RMiT - ribosomal, messenger, transfer
What is the holoenzyme? core enzyme of 5 subunits plus sigma facotr, used for initiation of transcription.
What is the recognition region for eukaryotic promotors called? TATA box - AT rich.
When does Euk transcrip start? when TFIID (Transcription Factor for Polymerase II + D (sigma factor)) binds to TATA via the TATA Binding Protein TBP. `
What does the pre-initiation complex consist of? TFIID bound to TATA box, TFIIB, RNApolII, TFIIF, TFIIE, TFIIH, CTD, other factors.
What finally activated transcription? TFIIH with helicase activity unwinds DNA at TATA box. with kinase activity it phosphorylates the CTD tail at Ser-5.
What is the mediator complex comprised of? Mediator, chromatin remodeling complex, histone-modifying enzyme, transcription facotr.
Why is the C terminal domain important? the CTD is a key regulatory region of RNApolII. Consists of 52 tandem repeats of 7 AA motif with Ser at pos 2 and 5. The phosphorylation of Ser5 affects the conformation and activity of RNApolII, releasing it to begin transcription.
Where are proteins sourced for the emerging mRNA strand from? From the capping proteins that bind to CTD when Ser5 is phosphorylated.
What is added to 5' end of newly formed pre-mRNA? 7-methylguanosine.
What happens when Ser2 is phosphorylated? other proteins bind to CTD such as splicing factors.
What are the things that ride on the CTD and recognise specific sequence motif for termination? CPSF and CstF (Cleavage Polyadenylation Specificity Factor & Cleavage Stimulation Factor).
To which end are polyAs added? 3'.
Which sequences indicated intron removal? 5' end AGGURAGU and CTRAYY and 3' end YYYYYYYYNCAGG. I.e. consensus sequences.
What is the spliceosome made up of? of snRNPs - complex of both RNA and proteins, where the RNA is snRNA.
Why does splicing need to be precise? if not in correct reading frame, STOP codons are common. Might potentially truncate the protein.
What is the wobble position? First two nucleotides are correct, will do same protein. Third spot in codon is wobble.
Which enzyme covalently attaches each AA to its tRNAs by a specific enzyme? aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase.
What are ribosomes composed of? rRNAs and ribosomal proteins that catalyses the synthesis of protein using info provided by mRNA.
Created by: lmdavis97