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Norman Conquest LB

Norman Conquest Lucky Bastard?

What was the feudal system? Stable structure, provides army and wealth. Higher up give land and lower people pay tax
Who were the knights? Rode on horseback, speed and height advantage. Well armed and good armor as wealthy. Professional soldiers. Ed Confessor tried to train English knights to fight on horseback but failed
What were the castles used at the time? Motte and Bailey or ringworks
What happened in William's early life? Turbulent times - rebellions, has to learn ho to crush them, therefore becomes a good and respected soldier
Who was Harald Hardrada, one of the contenders of the throne? King of Norway, good soldier, wants throne as relation to old viking kings
Who was William of Normandy, one of the contenders of the throne? Some relation with throne, Ed Confessor promised him throne in 1051. Godwinson promised to help him become king and swore on the bones of a saint.
Who was Harold Godwinson, one of the contenders of the throne? Earl of Wessex, most powerful noble in England. Supposedly Ed Confessor promised him the throne on his deathbed. Has support of the Witan
What happens when Ed Confessor dies? Godwinson crowned king on the same day as Ed's funeral.
What's William's reaction? Not happy. Goes to Pope and gets given a banner to take into battle. Then builds invasion fleet and gathers an army. Gets lots of mercenaries as has support of Pope so they think they are guaranteed to win
1) FULFORD Hardrada vs Saxons (Edwin + Marcar) Hardrada wins. Goes to Stanford Bridge to rest.
2) STANFORD BRIDGE Hardrada vs Godwinson Godwinson in south waiting for William's invasion. Hears about Hardrada and marches north. Ambushes Hardrada's army at Stanford Bridge, caught without armor as wasn't expecting them so quickly. Godwinson wins. Haradrada and Tostig killed
3) HASTINGS Godwinson vs William William waiting for wind. Wind changes, able to invade. Godwinson 250 miles away and gets message that William's invaded. He marches south quickly as to try and ambush again, but leaves half his army behind. Troops he has are tired, injured or dead
Where did Godwinson go? Forms defensive position on Senlac hill. Forms walls of shields.
Was William's plan working originally? Norman troops attack all day. Archers not effective as either hit wall or go over. Knights struggle up hill with horses.
What were William's tactics? Pretends to retreat, Saxon soldiers leave shield wall to chase them. Normans turn around and slaughter them. Repeated this multiple times to weaken shield wall
What did he tell his archers to do? Told archers to fire up so they land on the other side of shield wall. Godwinson gets arrow to eye
Tactics Fake retreat, support of Pope, wearing bones of saint, arrows up
William's Strengths Knights, experience, early life
Godwinson's Weaknesses Army tired, injured or dead after Stanford Bridge. Leaves part of army behind. Poor discipline from troops, leave the shield wall. Most army poorly trained
Luck Hardrada's invasion weakens Godwinson and means he wasn't guarding the coast. Wind prevented earlier invasion when Godwinson was ready. Happened to get Godwinson with the arrows.
Created by: MattTheBoiInit