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Review Game Stack

When power in the government is divided or shared between the states and the national government. Federalism.
When the constitution is being followed exactly as it is written. Strict Interpretation
When the Judicial Branch is reviewing a law to make sure it does not take away any rights. Judicial Review
War against Britain where the USA hoped to gain revenge for sailors that were kidnapped, ships that were destroyed and cargo lost or stolen. War of 1812
People who want to settle conflicts by war. War Hawks
Who was the main writer of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Actions or decisions that set standards for the future. precedents
The case were the Supreme Court did a judicial review for the first time. Marbury vs. Madison
When President Adams threatened France with war when they refused to talk to our representatives. France wanted to be paid before they would talk to us but Adams demanded respect. XYZ Affair
Law signed by Pres. Adams saying it was illegal to disagree with the government. Sedition Act
The first 10 amendments of the US Constitution. List 10 rights protected by the government in the USA Bill of Rights
"Rule Book" for our government. Describes how our government works. Constitution
Branch of government that includes the president Executive
Branch of government that works on bills Legislative
Branch of government that makes sure laws do not take away any rights or allow the government to do something it does not have the power to do. Judicial
Said that North and South America were closed off to any new colonies by European governments Monroe Doctrine
Each branch has to work with the other branches. This makes sure not any single branch of government becomes too powerful Checks and Balances
The name for an idea for a law Bill
When the Executive Branch rejects a bill Veto
Section of the Constitution that says the national government can make laws that it says are "necessary and proper" to run the government. "Elastic Clause" or "Necessary and Proper" Clause
Law Pres. Adams made to stop immigrants from becoming citizens because he didn't want them to get the right to vote. Alien Act
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