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African artworks

afrrican artworks

Nail Figure Kongo Culture
Nail Figure 1875/1900
Nail Figure Wood with screws, nails blades, cowrie shell, and other materials
Stone Age Petroglyphs Nambia
Stone Age Petroglyphs c. 4000 BCE - c.1 CE
Lydenburg Head South Africa
Lydenburg Head c. 500 CE
Lydenburg Head Inverted vessel
Great Zimbabwe Shona
Great Zimbabwe Masvingo Province
Great Zimbabwe 11th - 15th centuries
Kissar Nubia, Sudan
Kissar Late 19th century
Kissar Lyre
Kissar Wood, skin, glass beads, cowrie shells, coins, gut, and iron
The great Bieri head sculptural element from a reliquary ensemble
The great Bieri head Fang people, Betsie group, Gabon
The great Bieri head 19th - early 20th centuries
The great Bieri head Wood, metal, palm oil
Pwo mask Chokwe people, Angola
Pwo mask 19th - early 20th centuries
Pwo mask Wood, fiber, brass, pigment
Pwo mask female
Finial of a Royal Scepter Yombe People
Finial of a Royal Scepter Kongo or Zaire
Finial of a Royal Scepter 19th century
Finial of a Royal Scepter Elephant ivory
Nok Sculpture Nigeria
Nok Sculpture 1st century BCE - 1st Century CE
Nok Sculpture Terracotta
Brass Head Yoruba
Brass Head Ife, Nigeria
Brass Head 12th - 14th centuries
Brass Head Brass
Plaque Edo peoples
Plaque Nigeria, Benin Kingdom Court style
Plaque mi 16th - 17th centuries
Plaque Copper Alloy
Kente Cloth Ashanti
Kente Cloth Ghana
Kente Cloth 20th century
Felix in Exile William Kentridge
Felix in Exile South Africa
Felix in Exile 1993-94
Felix in Exile Color video, transferred from 35 mm film
Spirit of Sisterhood Aida Muluneh
Spirit of Sisterhood Ethiopia
Spirit of Sisterhood 2000
Spirit of Sisterhood Cibachrome Print
Coffin Workshop of Paa Willie
Coffin Ghana
Coffin 2000
Coffin wood, gold metal ornament, "RIP 2000", white silk, glass
Between Earth and Heaven El Anatsui
Between Earth and Heaven Ghana, based in Nigeria
Between Earth and Heaven 2006
Between Earth and Heaven Aluminum, copper Wire
Created by: sam_yall
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