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Unit 6

Unit 6 WHI Review

Constantinople is located on a ____________________ peninsula
_______________ was the founder of Constantinople Constantine
This became the basis for Western European Laws Justinian's Code
Art that is created by assembling pieces of colored glass or tile Mosaics
The Byzantine domed church that means "Holy Wisdom" Hagia Sophia
People who wanted to destroy any religious images were known as Iconoclasts
What was the language of the Byzantine Empire? Greek
What is the language of the Western Church? Latin
What is the language of the Eastern Church? Greek
The alphabet based on the Greek alphabet used by the Byzantine Empire and much of Eastern Europe today Cyrillic Alphabet
Trade routes extended from the _________ to ____________ sea Black, Baltic
Constantinople was located at the crossroads of these 2 continents European and Asian
This person was in power at the height of the Byzantine Empire Justinian I
What religion did Byzantine artists and architects base their work on? Christianity
This place was the center of the Eastern Orthodox Religion Constantinople
What other counties architecture was heavily influenced by Byzantine culture? Russia
One of Justinian's main goals of the empire was to reclaim The glory of Rome
Justinian's Code codified Roman Law
The boundaries of the Byzantine Empire expanded into North Africa, Parts of Spain, and ____________ Italy
What is the strip[ of water that forms the boundary between Asia and Europe? Bosporus Strait
What was the name given to the Byzantine Laws? Justinian's Code
This became the basis for all Western European Laws today Justinian's Code
Who was the leader of the Western Church? Pope
Who was the leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church? Patriarch
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