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Exam#2 politics

american politics

Sam Rayburn 43rd speaker of the House of representatives. He represented Texas. The longest serving speaker in the house history 48 years
William "Fishbait" Miller The door keeper of the House from 1947-1974
LBJ He pushed for the Civil Rights Act
Article I of the Constitution Gives Congress its powers and limits. It establishes the legislative branch of the Federal Government
Voting Rights Act Prohibits racial discrimination in voting It eliminated literacy tests
Pocket Veto a presidential veto that is automatically triggered if the president does not act on a given piece of legislation
Incumbency holding a political office for which one is running
Select Committee temporary legislative committees set up to highlight or investigate a particular issue or address an issue not within the jurisdiction of existing committees
Party Unity Vote a roll-call vote in the House or Senate in which at least 50% of the members of one party take a particular position and are opposed by at least 50% or more of the members of the other party
Sociological Representation A type of representation in which representatives have the same racial, gender, ethnic, religious, or educational backgrounds of their constituents. It is based on the principle that if two individuals are similar in background, character, interests, and
Whip A party member in the House or Senate responsible for coordinating the party's legislative strategy, building support for key issues and counting votes
Private Bill a proposal in congress to provide a specific person with some kind of relief, suck as a special exemption from immigration quotas
Standing Committee A permanent committee with the power to propose and write legislation that covers a particular subject, such as finance r agriculture
Patronage the resources available to higher officials, usually opportunities to make partisan appointments to offices and confer grants, licenses, or special favors to supprters
Roll-Call Vote a vote in which each legislator's yes or no vote is recorded as the clerk calls the names of the members alphabetically
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