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AMSCO Ch. 23

Who were the candidates for the election of 1920? Cox (Democrat) and Harding (Republican)
Harding's slogan? "Return to normalcy"
Attitude towards business/gov. according to Republicans in power? Didn't preach leadership, but accepted the idea of limited gov.
Harding's Secretary of State Hughes
Harding's Secretary of Commerce Hoover
Harding's Secretary of Treasury Mellon
Harding's Supreme Court Justice Taft
3 Laws Harding signed Reduction in income tax, increased tariff rates under the Tariff Act of 1922, and established the Bureau of the Budget
Who was the socialist presidential candidate Harding pardoned? Debs
Teapot Dome Scandal 1924, Congress discovered that Fall accepted bribes for granting oil leases
Why was Harding not implicated in the Teapot Dome Scandal? He died a year before they were discovered
How did Coolidge become popular? 1919, governor of MA, broke Boston police strike
Presidency of Coolidge "Silent Cal", if you don't say anything, you won't be asked to repeat it, if people are thrown out of work, unemployment results
What was interesting about the election of 1924? Liberals formed new Progressive party led by La Follette
Why did Southerners vote for Hoover in 1928? The dislike for Smith's religion outweighed the voters' allegiance to the Democratic party
What was the economy like in the 1920s? Began with post-war recession, but ended with economic disaster
Describe the three phases of the 1920s? Post-war recession, business prosperity, and economic disaster (stock market crash)
What improvements in the home were becoming common? Indoor plumbing, central heating, electricity
What group did not share in the booming economy of the 1920s? Farmers
Ford's contribution to increased productivity that spread to major industries Perfected a system for manufacturing automobiles with assembly lines
What were two new energy technologies? Oil and electricity
How did the government show it favored big business in the 1920s? Offered tax cuts and doing almost nothing to enforce the antitrust laws of the Progressive era
The three reasons businesses prospered in the 1920s Gov. offered big businesses by offering corporate tax cuts, gov. did almost nothing to enforce antitrust laws, Fed. Reserve helped through low interest rates/relaxed regulation of banks and tightening the money supply
How did consumer economy develop with new appliances? Electricity in millions of homes causing people to buy new appliances
How did consumer economy develop with advertising? Businesses found that consumers' demand for new products could be manipulated by appealing to their desires for status and popularity
How did consumer economy develop with shopping stores? Increased sales of new appliances and automobiles by allowing customers to buy on credit
How did consumer economy develop with chain stores? Greater variety of products were displayed and priced lower than local stores
Five effects of the automobile? Sold millions causing horse-and-buggy to be uncommon, replaced railroad as key promoter of economic growth, industries depended on automobiles sales, everything Americans did, injuries/deaths on roads
What ended the prosperity farmers experienced in 1916-1918? The war ending
What issues did farmers face? They were in debt
What was the response to labor unions during this time? Membership in unions declined 20%
Welfare capitalism Voluntarily offering employees improved benefits and higher wages in order to reduce their interest in organizing unions
What percentage of the American population lived in urban areas by 1920? More than 50%
What did moralists blame for the breakdown of morals in America? Automobiles, music, dances, movies and fashions
Describe the Jazz Age and what became popular? Jazz was brought by African American musicians, it became a symbol of the "new" and "modern" culture of the cities. Radios and phonographs made it more available to a large public
What were the two new mediums of entertainment? Radio and movies
Who are three sport "heroes"? Dempsey (boxer), Jones (golfer), Ruth (baseball)
How did Lindbergh become the most popular hero of the 1920s? He flew nonstop from Long Island to Paris
What was surprising about the way women voted in 1920? They adopted the party preferences of their fathers/husbands
What was characteristic for women who entered the workforce? Lived in the city, limited to certain categories of jobs, and received lower wages than men
How did the understanding of moral values change? People revolted against sexual taboos, the role of sexual repression in mental illness, took to premarital sex, contraceptives for birth control became more accepting
"Flapper" look Influenced by movie actresses and people's desires for independence, women wore dressed hemmed at the knee, "bobbing" their hair, smoking cigs, and drove cars
Why did one in six marriages end in divorce? Liberalized divorce laws
How did education change in America? State govs. enacted school laws, universal hs education became the American goal
What were the two themes of literature? Scorning religion as hypocritical and condemning the sacrifices of wartime as a fraud perpetrated by money interests
How did Stein refer to authors of this age? A "lost generation"
Created by: archergirl
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