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Texas Revolution

to take over a territory and make it part of a larger territory annexation
an agreement to stop fighting armistice
soldiers who fight of horseback cavalrymen
a written statement outlining the basic laws for a state or country constitution
an announcement declaration
people who represent other people at a meeting delegates
a person given a land grant by the Mexican government to make a settlement and recruit people to live there empresarios
to send goods out of a country or state export
the act of moving to a new country immigration
to bring goods into a country or state import
a religious and military outpost established by the Spanish during colonization mission
a person who raises livestock such as cattle or horses rancher
to select or get the services of someone recruit
additional men used to build more strength reinforcements
a military strategy in which troops surround an area and cut off outside access to force a surrender. siege
to give up surrender
Mexican born Texans Tejanos
people living in Mexican Texas between 1821 and 1836 Texians
growing very well thriving
ability for the people to have a say in government democracy
a person who has absolute power dictator
A Mexican born Texan Tejano
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