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TGT 31-60

How many votes are needed to pass a bill in the House of Representataives in the Senate? A majority (one more than half) of those voting on the bill
How many votes are needed in the House of Representatives or the Senate to override a presidential veto? Two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate
If there are differences between a bill passed in the House of Representatives and the Senate, where is the bill sent? A conference committee
What freedom allows people to criticize governement officials? Freedom of speech
What is a representative democracy? A form of government where the people choose representatives to govern them.
Define constitution A written plan of government
What is the introduction to the U.S. Constitution called? The Preamble
What is an amendment? A written change to the constitution
How many amendments to the U.S. Constitution are there? Twenty-seven (27)
Who has the power to coin and print money? Congress
What is a democracy? Rule by the people
How many representatives are there in the House of Reps? Four hundred thirty-five (435)
How many Senators are there in the Senate? One hundred (100)
How many representatives does New York have in the House of Reps? Twenty-seven (27)
What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called? The Bill of Rights
The New York Times is able to publish an editorial criticizing the president without being punished because of that freedom? Freedom of the Press
How does a bill become a law? The bill must be passed by a majority of the House of Representatives and the Senate and then signed by the President
What is the first step in the lawmaking process? A bill is introduced by a member of Congress
After Congress proposes a constitution amendment, what must happen before it can become part of the U.S. Constitution? Three fourths (3/4) of the states must ratify it
What was the first constitution of the U.S. called? The Articles of Confederation
Who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces? The President of the U.S.
What is the system called which keeps any one branch of government from assuming too much power? The system of checks and balances
What is federalism? The separation of power between the national and state governments
In which part of the legislative branch must a bill first be introduced if it deals with spending or raising money? The House of Representatives
Why were the Articles of Confederation replaced? The created a national government that was too weak
How many Cabinet departments are there? Fifteen (15)
The word prosperity in the Preamble is defined as what? Future generations
This is the highest court in the state of New York The Court of Appeals
The legislative branch of the New York state government is divided into what? The Assembly and the Senate
What freedom allows people to gather together peacefully to protest a government policy? Freedom of assembly
Created by: cmiller621