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D - SS - Unit 6

History of Latin America - Current Issues

What is poverty? a condition where people’s basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, etc) are not being met
About how many people live in chronic poverty in Latin America? 20%
What are causes of poverty in Latin America? lack of high-quality and high skilled jobs, lack of investment and access to education
What are 3 heavily trafficked drugs? cocaine, marijuana, and heroin
What is a cartel? groups which dominate the trade of a specific good or service or organized crime units
What are some ways that cartels bring drugs into the US? jet airliners, eighteen-wheelers, submarines and large tunnels beneath the US-Mexican border
Why can't Mexico stop the cartels? there is government corruption, intimidation, bribes, and collusion with the cartels
What is the US doing to stop the drug trade? started targeting producers rather than users
How has illegal drug trade become a major part of the economy? it gives money to small areas
What are some of the types of migration? economic, social, political and environmental
What are some PUSH/PULL factors for Latinos moving to the US? war, lack of economic opportunities, poverty, safety concerns, safer living conditions, more or better jobs, better healthcare & political stability
What are 3 patterns of migration? Rural to Urban areas within the same country; Regional Migration between Latin American and Caribbean Countries; and Migration to Europe, Asia, and Anglo America
Currently, Latinos are the _________ group of minorities in the US. largest
What is economic migration? migration that occurs when another area appears to have more economic opportunities then where they are (jobs, poverty, drugs, etc.)
What is social migration? migration that occurs when another area appears to have ‘happier’ or better quality of life (with friends/family) then what they have
What is political migration? migration that occurs due a need to escape political persecution, imprisonment, or death
What is environmental migration? migration that occurs as a result of natural disasters
What are people called that move due to political migration? refugees
What is the most common type of migration? Rural to Urban areas within the same country
What 3 countries are the centers of Latin American and Caribbean migration? France, US and Japan
What is a negative affect of migration? brain drain
What is brain drain? caused when highly educated and specialized people leave their native country and relocate in a country that will better compensate them for their skills
What are remittances? money that workers send back to support those they left behind
How does brain drain effect countries’ economics ? it takes the educated and high earning people away from their native country
What is an economic benefit of migration? remittances
How do remittances effect countries’ economics ? they get money without having local jobs
Created by: lprinke
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