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LH Test Unit:20th C.

The military used Louisiana for War maneuvers, why? Large open land, rural land ideal for training; varied geography for tanks
Why did the four bombs? To simulate explosions
What effect did the many military bases made in Louisiana for World War II have on the state? Economically, gave them boost for goods and labor
What effect did the tiger demand of crops have on Louisiana in World War II? improved
What type of government uses extreme nationalism and subjects citizens to absolute authority? Fascism
Why did Germany feel the need to expand in the 1930s?` Reclaim losses from WW1, access to resources, unite German speaking people
Achieving peace by giving something valuable up is called Appeasement
Which event brought the United States into World War II? The bombing of Pearl Harbor
How did the early Great Depression impact the United States? List reasons Homelessness increased, banks evicted, business foreclosure, poverty rose as people lost jobs
How did Hoover think America could best recover from the Great Depression? Not getting government involved
Citizens wanted Hoover to use what to help recover the Great Depression The government
What did FRD promise the American people? End poverty, lower unemployment, create programs to support Americans
What led to the start of the Great Depression? Overproduction, speculation of credit.
Laying off workers impacted businesses how? Unemployed workers have less money to spend-lay of more and the cycle goes
What is another way to say purchasing stock on credit Buying on margin
Explain the difference between reasons and evidence in an argumentative essay. Evidence are facts that support it, the reason support the claim
What are good question to ask if you are editing an argumentative essay? Have I check my grammar? Does every sentence express a complete thought?
What campaign tactics did Huey Long use in his 1928 governor victory? Consistently worked to improve education, continued to give to the poor, helped rural citizens after 1927 flood
How was Huey Long perceived by his critics? Bully, tyrant
What did Huey P Long due to anger the Standard Oil Company? raised taxes on oil production
How did Huey Long criticize the New Deal? Didn't do enough to support common people and end poverty.
Louisiana "wets" thought prohibition would impact Louisiana economy, how? Hurt the economy
What was scrip? Money useable only in a company town.
The industrial boom from late 1800's to early 1900's benefitted Louisiana in what ways? Standard Oil built big refinery, state became 2nd highest lumber produced, 5,000 miles of railroad track, port of Orleans international hub.
What ideas were the foundation of the progressive part? Tax reform, increase regulation, prohibition on child labor, women's suffrage
How did people protest labor unions in late 1800's? Fired strikers, hired replacement workers, hired immigrant workers for cheaper labor
How was child labor reformed by the Progressives? National child labor laws declared unconstitutional, several states passed laws prohibiting child labor, Lewis Hine photographed child laborers, National Child Labor Committee formed
What political problems impacted America in the early 1920's? Voters couldn't vote on issues politicians influenced votes for profit, votes didn't directly pick senators
Which amendment gave women the right to vote? The 19th amendment
Created by: kalynnlee
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