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Chapter 15 Section 2


What were two important trades that were traded during the empire of Ghana? Gold and Salt
What animals did nomads use to travel? Camels
Where did the name Ghana come from? The Soninke people called their ruler ghana, and other people began calling the Soninke region that
Where did the gold come from? Gold came from a forest region south of the savanna between the Niger and Senegal rivers.
What did traders carry when they went on their journeys? Arab and Berber traders crossed the desert with camel caravans loaded down with salt. They also carried cloth, weapons, and manufactured goods from ports on the Mediterranean.
What did Ghana's ruler portray at the time? Ghana’s African ruler acted as a religious leader, chief judge, and military commander.
What are some things that happened during the trade process in Ghana? Merchants met in trading cities, where they exchanged goods under the watchful eye of the king’s tax collector. In addition to taxing trade, royal officials made sure that all traders weighed goods fairly and did business according to law.
What year was the Ghana empire created? 1,000 A.D
What was the religion that passed through North Africa by conquest? The Islam religion.
Before the religion of Islam, what was the main religion in the region of Ghana? Animism
At the time when the Islam religion was being spread, did everyone convert at once? No, most people hold on to the original animism belief.
In order to read that Qur'an, what language did Islam converts have to learn? Arabic
In 1076, what group completed their conquest of Ghana? The Muslim Almoravids
After the Ghana, what empire came next? The empire of Mali.
What is animism? Animism is the belief that spirits living in animals, plants, and natural forces play an important role in daily life.
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