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D - SS - Unit 6

History of Latin America - Cuban Revolution

When did Cuba gain its independence from Spain? 1898
In the 1900s, who controlled Cuba’s wealth? American companies
In the 1900s, what were the main businesses in Cuba? sugar and mining companies
In the 1900s, who was the leader of Cuba? Fulgencio Batista
Why were many people unhappy with Batista’s rule? poverty was abundant, education was poor, and healthcare was limited
How did social and economic problems help lead to the unrest of many Cubans? a small class of rich Cubans had all of the power, while the majority was very poor and had little to no power
Who led an unsuccessful overthrow of the government in 1953? Castro and his forces
When did Castro and his forces begin a full scale war against Batista’s government? 1955
After Castro was released from jail where did he go and why? Mexico to put together a new group of rebel fighters
When did Castro defeat the Batista government? 1959
When Castro seized absolute power, what did he make himself? dictator of Cuba
Why did the US originally back Castro? he promised to make Cuba a democracy
What type of government did Castro organize? Communist government
Castro declared that all property belonging to Americans now belonged to whom? the Cuban government
What other types of property did the Cuban government take from the people? all farms, factories, & businesses
What happened to Cuban newspapers, radio, & TV when Castro took over? they were shut down, so the government was the only source for news
What happened to churches in Cuba when Castro took over? they were closed and the property was taken over by the government
Why did relations between the US & Cuba get worse after the revolution? US didn’t like Cuba having ties with the Soviet Union because they were involved in the Cold War
Who did Castro force to leave Cuba? American civilians
What was the Bay of Pigs? a plan to arm Cuban exiles living in Florida and send them to Cuba to meet other unhappy Cubans and overthrow Castro
Why was the Bay of Pigs a disaster? Castro’s forces intercepted the plan and captured the invaders
What was the Cuban Missile Crisis? In October of 1962, US planes spotted secret Soviet missile bases in Cuba
What happened during the height of the Cold War that could have led to WWIII? the Cuban Missile Crisis
How was the Cuban Missile Crisis resolved? President Kennedy agreed not to invade Cuba and to remove US missiles from Turkey; and Khrushchev agreed to remove the missiles from Cuba
What is the US-Cuba Embargo? US placed an embargo on goods from Cuba
How did the US-Cuba Embargo hurt Cuba’s economy? Cuba’s sugar cane crop could no longer be sold in the US
What has caused Cuba's economy to become very poor? the embargo, poor harvests, and bad government planning
In the early 1980s and 1990s, why did thousands of Cubans escape to the US? Castro would not allow free elections, freedom of speech, freedom of press, etc.
Who is the Cuban dictator today? Raul Castro
Created by: lprinke