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How did the War of 1812 end for the Americans? Alright. The Treaty of Ghent ended the war in essentially a draw, with both sides weary and with little to show from it.
What was Jackson’s policy toward the American Indian tribes in the southeastern United States? The Indians should be removed from areas of white settlement.
What kind of national government was set up under the Articles of Confederation? A fairly weak government with only a Congress: no president and no national courts
Which of the following is not true about Thomas Jefferson? He supported a loose interpretation of the Constitution.
What industry drove the desire for men to head west, especially to the northern Rockies, before 1840 fur
Which of these was not an advantage the Americans held entering the Revolution? All the colonists were in favor of revolution and independence.
In what way did the Market Revolution of the early eighteen hundreds affect the lives of rural farmers? They grew more cash crops to make more cash.
What role did George Washington play in the French and Indian War? He ignited the war by ordering a surprise attack on a French diplomatic party,
Which of the following was not part of the Compromise of 1850? Missouri would enter the Union as a slave state.
Which branch of government was described first and in the most detail by the Constitution? the Legislative Branch
What issue stalled Texas from entering the Union until 1845? slavery
Which party held that while the Constitution forbade Congress from interfering with slavery where it existed, slavery should be prevented from spreading into new territories? Free Soil Party
How did Jackson respond to South Carolina’s nullification of the new tariff bill passed in 1832? He pushed a bill through Congress that authorized him to use force against such a threat while also allowing for a compromise tariff to be passed.
Which of the following is not included as a freedom in the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights? rights to privacy
Which of the following is not a reason why the Constitution has lasted so long? The Constitution is set in stone and impossible to alter.
Which presidential candidate used the popular election slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler, too”? William Henry Harrison
Which of the following was not an issue concerning the ratification of the Constitution? Many larger states were troubled that the Bill of Rights would add far too much power to the national government
Why did the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo anger both parties in the United States? Whigs continued to oppose the war as unjust, and they opposed taking conquered land
Why was John Quincy Adams not an effective president? He arrived amidst a scandal and had poor political and personal skills that made it hard to push anything through congress.
How did Washington set a precedent as president of the United States? He chose to serve for only two terms, although he could have chosen to run for a third.
Which of the following was not part of the Transportation Revolution in the early eighteen hundreds? The Panama Canal was completed.
Which of the following is the fundamental purpose of establishing a government, according to the Declaration of Independence? to secure the rights of its citizens
Why did more slaves not choose to escape, resist, or revolt against their masters? The entire system worked against slaves in order to keep them submissive and in control.
Which of these people held the most politically radical opinion on slavery in the 1840s? abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison
Where did the money come from to start Jamestown? a joint-stock company
Which of these was Horace Mann most closely associated with? improvements in public education
Which of the following is true regarding the Road to Revolution in the eighteenth century? It took most colonists a long time before they were willing to fight against the British.
Why was the battle of Saratoga important in assisting the colonial cause? The battle marked the turning point of the war, as the British General Burgoyne surrendered his entire army to General Gates of the Continental Army and this persuaded the French to help the Americans.
Which of these is an example of a primary source on the Pilgrims’ journey to the New World? letters written from one of the sailors on the Mayflower to his uncle
What plan did James Madison write that became a basic framework for the Constitution? Virginia Plan
In what way did the South’s dependence on cotton act as a weakness? Cotton exhausted the land, and without new lands to expand on, cotton production couldn’t continue to grow.
What did Tecumseh, an Indian leader, want for his people? resistance to the whites
What big changes happened in the electoral process in the eighteen hundreds that changed the way politicians ran for office? Many states made it so you did not have to own a certain amount of property to vote so more middle and lower class men could vote for the first time.
What is the name of the constitutional principle which divides power between the national and state governments? federalism
What did Polk use as grounds for war with Mexico? Mexico’s attack on one of General Taylor’s patrols near the Rio Grande shed “American blood on American soil.”
Which of these things caused some serious bad feelings during the Era of Good Feelings after the War of 1812? Northern representatives tried to limit slavery in Missouri.
Who was the first explorer to sail to the New World (as well as the first to be lost at sea) for England? John Cabot
What is the primary concept behind Manifest Destiny? The Unites States should claim western territory that belonged rightfully to them.
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