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Ancient Egypt

In what directions does the Nile river flow & where does it begin? It begins in east Africa and flows northward into egypt.
what is the Nile known as that makes it so important? the Nile river is known as the giver and taker of life.
why were calendars important to the Egyptians? they were used to keep track of the number of days between flooding cycles.
How did the Nile River help the egyptians? (Give three reasons) 1.) Egypt gets little rain so it gives water in dry deserts. 2.) in Memphis after a flood they plant seeds 3.) without the nile people wouldn't be able to grow crops
when did the Egyptians determine that the Nile would flood? sometime between may and september.
How did understanding the flood cycles help the Egyptian Civiliation? so they can predict when the Nile would flood.
What kings do historians believe unified the two kingdoms? Scorpion, Menes, and Narmer.
Name some facts about the Egyptian religion? They worshiped the pharaoh as a god, they are polytheistic, a pharaoh is considered a god after death.
What discovery led to the decoding of hieroglyphics? the rosetta stone.
What helped the Egyptian civiliation prosper and grow? Trading.
What did the farmers do while the Nile was flooding? they worked on the pyramid.
what was the burial place for the pharaohs called? they were called pyramids.
how did the Egyptians prepare there pharaohs for the afterlife? they put all of the pharaohs possesions in there tomb. they decorated it lake a palace. and then they mummified the pharaohs body.
who was the main god in the Egyptian religion? Amon-Ra
What was Black Land Fertile land
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